Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daredevil - Show No Fear - Simon McDonald

1. Night. A crime scene. Rain is cascading down. A sheet is draped over a body, clearly that of a child. Uniformed cops, coupled with a couple plain-clothed detectives stand around the body, conversing stoically, respectfully. But the prominent figure in this scene is Daredevil, staring down at the covered body, shoulders slumped in defeat.

COP #1
... witnesses all saying the same thing.
The kid just ran at them, screaming I can see you! I'm not scared of you!

2. On Daredevil; water spilling down his cheeks. Rainwater –mingling with tears, perhaps? It's difficult to know for sure.

 COP #2
(off panel)
Kid was messed up, huh?

3. Flashback Panel: Daredevil has just beaten up a trio of street thugs; they're sprawled on the ground, unconscious. Standing to one side is the kid, awe plastered on his face. Daredevil's standing at ease, arms by his sides, not wanting to frighten the kid.

That... was... awesome!
I wish I could do that.

4. Flashback Panel: On Daredevil, a genuine smile on his lips.

Who says you can't?

5. Flashback Panel: Daredevil pats the kid on the head, fatherly-like. The kid beams up at him.

But I don't have, watchacallit... super-powers...

You can see, buddy.
So you've already got that over me.
And if you can see 'em, you've always got a chance.

6. Flashback Panel: Daredevil's leaping up towards a fire escape, prepped to make his exit.

Just remember: show no fear, and they'll fear you.

7. Back to the present. Daredevil's head is bowed solemnly.

COP #1
(off panel)
Kid must've been crazy.


  1. Simon, I liked this... up to a point. I think it's a little too irresponsible for Matt, considering all the weight of Catholic guilt on his shoulders. It seems out of character that he'd give that kid that advice and then be surprised at how things turned out. If anything by now, DD is trained to expect the worst from every situation.

    It just struck me as the sort of mistake a less angsty hero would make... say Booster Gold or someone. (Yeah, I know Booster Gold isn't blind.)

    That said, I really liked the opening of this page. It was really grim and powerful, the darkest thing we've seen this week.

  2. Fair point, Rol.
    I'm in the process of reading up on Bendis' and Brubaker's run, so it's quite possible I don't yet have a proper grasp on the character.
    Would it help if I said this occurred at the beginning of his Daredevil career? Heh!
    Cheers for the feedback, mate.

  3. I did wonder... you should have put him in that ghastly yellow costume! ;-)

  4. Yeah, I agree, the seasoned Daredevil that we know in modern times wouldn't do this, but early in his career he would. Stick him in his yellow costume, and this would make more sense.

    I'll do you one better though...

    Have the kid as well be wearing a simile of the yellow costume. He wore it to imitate his hero, and he died wearing it. You could even use it to explain why DD changed his primary-color kid-friendly costume to the all-red one (which has a more threatening vibe): so kids wouldn't imitate him.

    I'll take my No-Prize award in check or money order.


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