Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lara Croft - Waiting For Spiders From Mars - Ryan K Lindsay

This scene would come at the end of an issue where Lara Croft has been fighting against a lady who looks a bit like a meaner Lara Croft; this lady is Lara's half-sister.
1. Lara Croft lies on her back, we’re looking at her with the balustrade of the story above showing, as are a set of black shoed feet on this perched spot that belong to her half-sister, Desdemona Singensen.

2. Lara is looking to the side, blood on her face, it’s been a real throwdown. Feet are landing just next to her.
Desdemona: You’ve been pretty damn good. I’m impressed.

3. Desdemona collapses to the floor, a blade sticking out of her collarbone area. Lara is smiling.

4. Lara sits up, wiping blood from her mouth and holding a gun in her other hand.
Lara: I’d love to chat some more, sis, but this reunion needs to end now.

5. Lara holds a gun to Desdemona’s head.
Desdemona: Wait?
Desdemona: Have you heard of the Spire of Ziggy Stardust?

6. Lara points the gun up, her face quizzical.
Lara: No…you mean all this…?

7. Lara lays back down, her wounded half-sister next to her.
Desdemona: Yes, a mere test.
Desdemona: And you better have a butler hiding here somewhere because we’ve got a train to catch in about two hours.


  1. Another great solid entry. If I was to nitpick, I'd bring up that Lara and Desdemona don;t sound English when speaking (I'm assuming Des is indeed English, however). As I said thought, just nitpicking.

  2. Yeah, the whole Brit thing. I didn't want to overtly give either character a bunch of Brit slang just to set the mood. I hoped to make the dialogue broad enough that it could have a Brit accent but not sound like they just came out of a chimney all covered in soot...

  3. I'm a Brit and I side with Ryan on this- the films really overplayed it (People don't tend to say "bloody" so much) and contractions like "sis" would indeed be used.

    You can argue Lara is posh but that doesn't mean she won't use slang.

  4. Don't worry, they do that with Aussie characters as well. No one I know says "struth" or "bloody" as much as they do in films.

  5. That had just the right degree of mental. The voices didn't bother me at all. Better than all that 'corn blimey guvnor Mary Poppins nonsense.


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