Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why Daredevil?

It was always going to come to this, I just didn't think it would be this soon.

I'd been meaning to wait some time before playing what I feel is my trump card but when my choice came around right now and I saw everything happening with Shadowland it just felt right to do it, and I figure this guy is a man who knows that you do something when it feels right.

I've been a fan of the blind lawyer of Hell's Kitchen, Matthew Michael Murdock, since I was in early schooling years. There was just something about him and his billy club that was cool and I still believe in that.

Daredevil has been in print since 1964 and in that time has spawned plenty of damn fine stories (many of which you can purchase using the handy Amazon links below:) There are so many Daredevil stories that I could just read again and again and it's because the man is as important as the mask. Matt Murdock is a star character, at least when written well, and that's the part I love. His friends are better than his rogue's gallery at times and when preparing to write my script there were so many options to play with that it was hard to make a choice. In fact, if the week gets slow I have at least 2 other scripts I might throw up here because that's how much I love Daredevil.

You can throw anything at him but he'll just keep on trying, doesn't mean his life won't suck but he'll do his damnedest to persevere. He works against psychological villains, he works against deranged monsters, and he works against, and with, femme fatales. He's the character that can just about go anywhere and make it work, if the writer is good enough.

So, enjoy what we have to offer this week because so many writers do their best work on Daredevil and I'm sure it'll be the same with us.

I'd recommend all of these trades as absolutely worth buying and how many characters can you say have these many must read storylines?


  1. Yay, finally a cool character!! : P

    Though as Ben pointed out, this means more pressure : )

  2. Took you guys long enough!

    I haven't been around much lately, but I intend to catch up as soon as I get a break.

  3. [DISCLAIMER: Despite liking DD as a character, I have to admit that I have never read any of his comics. I've only seen him in cameos of other's, so you'll have to excuse if his "voice" doesn't sound quite right, and I hope it's still an enjoyable read...]

    Steven Strange is standing in the doorway of Matt Murdock’s apartment. Matt is standing before him and they are shaking hands. Matt is wearing civilian attire while Steven is in his usual sorcerer garb.

    MATT: Nice to see you, Steven. I hope you’ve come with good news.
    MATT: Come in.

    Now in the lounge room, both are seated on opposite sofas. Strange is gesturing with his hands as he explains:

    STRANGE: I believe the best solution would be a form of astral projection.
    MATT: Isn’t that where you leave your body?
    STRANGE: It is indeed. When this happens, however, you can see through the eyes of the astral form.

    Close on Matt, looking confused.

    MATT: But I don’t want to leave my body.

    Close on Strange, his hands again gesturing for explanation.

    STRANGE: You wouldn’t have to.
    STRANGE: I’ve come up with a way that I can... lock... the astral form to your own.
    STRANGE: This means you would be seeing through its eyes, but those eyes would be exactly where your own are.

    Matt has sat up in his seat.

    MATT: And that would work?
    STRANGE: I have no doubt.
    MATT: Let’s do it then.
    STRANGE: Are you absolutely sure?

    From Matt’s POV, we see Strange via Matt’s echo-location vision.

    MATT (OP): I’m sure.
    STRANGE: Let us begin then.

    Both Matt and Strange are standing in the middle of the room. Matt has removed his shades. Strange has his hands on either side of Matt’s head, both glowing with green orbs of energy. An intense look of concentration is upon his face.

    From Matt’s POV, we see Strange in normal vision.

    MATT (OP): Steven, you truly are a master of your art.
    STRANGE: You might want to keep your shades on for the time being.
    MATT (OP): Why’s that?
    STRANGE: The mystic arts often have unforseen... side-effects.

    Close up of Matt’s face, revealing green flames flaring from his eyes.

    [From here I envision Matt losing his other abilities, having them not passing on to the astral body, and him deciding if having vision is worth this price...]

  4. @Danial - I love the idea of a green flame-eyed Murdock. Hell, just him wanderimng the astral plane for a while would be kind of cool. I think you hit Murdock's voice alright, it's not like he's got an accent or uses any catch phrases.

    Well done, mate, good to have you back!

  5. Thanks!

    It just occurred to me this morning that I forgot to give this a title... though I can't edit the post, I'm thinking something like, "Windows To The Soul" would suit...

  6. just decided to check out what idea came about from your terrifying thought process and wow, that's pretty damn good. As for Murdock's voice I wouldn't worry, I'm fairly sure he doesn't really have one outside of 'stoic man'

  7. You can tell I like the character because I didn't go for the parody route :)


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