Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Araña – All Those Ye Know – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Anya is walking up the steps to her apartment. She is wearing nice, clubbing-style clothes, with a large jacket covering most of it except for what we see through a slip in the front. Next to her is Rikki Barnes, see if you can give her some sort of clubbing version of the Nomad outfit she wears, that would be pretty sweet.
Anya: My feet are killing me.
Rikki: The way you were dancing with that guy I’m surprised something else isn’t hurting you.
2. Anya turns at the railing at the top of the stairs, there’s faux-shock on her face, mixed with a smile.
Anya: Totally worth it.
Rikki: Nothing better than a night out.
3. There is a huddled form at Anya’s door.
Anya: And a good morning home. You feel up for some breakfast burritos?
Rikki: A friend of yours?

4. Anya is reaching out a cautious hand to the huddled form.
Anya: Excuse me. Can I –

5. Anya is looking at the huddled form, looking right in the face. Anya recognises her but also looks a little disgusted.
Anya: I know you…we talked about the, uh…that place…
Huddled form (wh): Gramercy Park.

6. We see the huddled form now. It’s a young girl, she is disfigured. She is being transformed into some sort of human-spider hybrid, it’s not pretty, or successful. You can interpret this however you want, maybe an extra few sets of eyes, or mandible fangs. There will be other victims who should look different throughout this story so pick the most striking example for this reveal.
Huddled form (wh): He’s turning us all. Says he’s changing the future, evolving evolution.
Huddled form (wh): You have to stop Dr Brundle. Please.


  1. Heh. That'll be Dr. Seth Brundle then, will it?

    Nice set up, Ryan.

  2. I didn't get the Brundle reference until I Googled it. Then I slapped myself in the head and chuckled.

    Cool set up, nice simple layout for the page. It just works. Great stuff!


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