Sunday, October 17, 2010

Araña - Boys Are Stupid, Throw Grappling Hooks At Them - Max Barnard

The Premise: For once, no premise. I just wanna write this.


Page 1 - X Panels

1-- Daytime. We join Anya "Araña" Corazon (in her new Spider-Girl outfit) in the middle of a fight with Shocker, The Spot and Tombstone outside a bank. She's kicking off of Tombstone's face and flying towards The Spot with a fist ready to slug him in the face. Shocker is making a run for it with classic-style loot bags. You know, swag bags with huge green dollar signs on the side, that sorta thing.


SPEECH BUBBLE/ANYA CORAZON - Ugh, boys really ARE stupid. Robbing a bank in the day? Amateur hour, right?

2-- Araña's punch connects with The Spot's face, knocking him down. Tombstone has already fallen to the floor. Shocker is now further away, perhaps even off-panel by now.


SPEECH BUBBLE/ANYA CORAZON - But then you ARE Spider-Man's villains. Can't he have someone NORMAL to fight, like an egytian assassin working for an evil cult?

3-- We now look over Araña's shoulder as she watches Shocker fleeing the scene. Her arm is raised, with the Spider-like grappling hook prepped on the back of her hand.

SPEECH BUBBLE/ANYA CORAZON - And you? Running from a little girl? Cobarde!

4-- Araña throws the hook after Shocker, who has turned around and raised his gauntlets, money still in hand.

SPEECH BUBBLE/SHOCKER - SHUT UP! I swear, I'll take you out, you stinkin' brat!

5-- Shocker blasts Araña, blowing her hook flying back past her and knocking her off balance and making her start to fall onto her rump.


6-- Araña on the floor, wincing in pain.

SPEECH BUBBLE/ANYA CORAZON - Okay, not so dumb. Ouch. But still...

7-- Shocker is running away again and has made it to the end of the street. Araña can be seen some metres away, back on the chase.

CAPTION/ANYA CORAZON - Even if boys aren't dumb we can all agree...

8-- Nomad (Rikki Barnes) bursts onto the scene from round the corner, punching out Shocker with her electro-shielded arm.

9-- Rikki and Anya embrace, smiling at each other, standing over the knocked out body of Shocker.

CAPTION/ANYA CORAZON - Girls are just plain better, right?


  1. Nice Max. I am not too familiar with the character, but you've given me a pretty good insight into her.

    My only gripe would be the amount of panels on the page, and fitting all that action into it.

    Besides that, a tidy piece.

  2. Max, you really have stacked the page here. I think you could easily edit this one down, start closer to the middle, as the grappling hook leaves her hand, perhaps.

    I like the voice you've given her, though. Who knew you could write like such a teenage girl so effectively...? ;)

  3. you guys have confirmed my fears, I really did overstack the page. Which is a lesson I though I'd learnt a while back but clearly it can sneak up on ya if ya stop paying attention. next week I'll have to do half a double-page spread as punishment!

    as for my writing like a teenage girl.... aren't we ALL teenage girls? in our soul? No? then I'm stumped as to how I managed anything remotely like one

  4. Oh, I see where you are going with this Max! I saw you talking about it on Twitter the other day, haha.

  5. Hey, I over-stack the page all the time, and nobody ever calls me on it, right?

    You do? Damn you all!

    One question - when she punches The Spot in the face, why doesn't she lose her hand? I thought that was the deal with that guy.


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