Monday, October 18, 2010

Arana - Catch Me If You Can - Ben Rosenthal

1. We are looking up between two tall buildings at street level. A shadowed figure is leaping across the gap between the two buildings.

2. We are up at building level now, and the shadowy figure is revealed to be Anya. She is decked out in full Spider-Girl gear.


Slowing down huh?

3. Close up of Anya’s face, front on. She is looking over her left shoulder, behind her. The buildings are whisking by in the background as she is moving at great speed.


C’mon, you’ll never catch me at that pace.

4. Anya is swinging around the corner of a tall building from her grappling hook.


Maybe your best days are behind you!

5. Spider-Man is hanging upside down from a web. He is waving at Anya. Above him is yet more webbing spreading the gap between two buildings. The word “FINISH” is written within the webbing.

6. Close up of Anya’s face. She is disappointed.


Aw crap.

1 comment:

  1. This is a nice connection, a done-in-one page that fits everything in. This would work well in a Strange Tales anthology for sure.

    Though I'd write a sequel where Spidey writes 'some pig' outside her window the next day :)


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