Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Araña - Teenagers Scare The Living $#!% Out Of Me - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

Spider-Man swings over the city. Yes, it’s one of those stories that begins with Spider-Man swinging over the city, and yes I’m using this week’s character as another thinly-veiled excuse to write Spidey. Sue me.

CAP (Spidey): People accuse me of never growing up.

CAP (Spidey): They accuse me of behaving like an eternal teenager.

CAP (Spidey): And it's true, I guess, to a point.

Panel Two.

Down on the street below, there’s a battle in progress. Spidey starts swinging towards the signs of mayhem.

CAP (Spidey): ‘Course, compared to the likes of Cap and Wolverine, I suppose I am still a little wet behind the ears…

Panel Three.

Spidey swings straight into a fight between Spider-Girl and the Circus of Crime – the Ringmaster, the Clown, the Human Cannonball, Live Wire and the Great Gambonnos. It’s chaos, but Anya is holding her own, leaping between the bad guys and delivering various knock-out blows while also playing with her iPhone, listening to music on her mp3 player and talking to a friend over the phone.

CAP (Spidey): But when I look at the latest generation of spider-powered teens…

Araña: Will Josh be there? Did you ask him? What about his friend?

CAP (Araña’s tweet): @BuckyNomad Ha – just kicked a clown in the ass – best supervillain fight EVER!

Spidey: Can I be of assistance?

Panel Four.

Araña leaps away from the Circus and straight into Spidey’s face. Spidey is somewhat taken aback.

Araña: Butt out – I can deal with this myself! Jeez!!!

Panel Five.

Close on Spidey, shocked.

CAP (Spidey): …sometimes it feels like almost fifty years since I was in High School!


  1. There are so many clever little pieces, Rol. YOu are one cheeky devil, I love it.

    The Tweet is pretty damn funny but I like Anya shoving her ass in Spidey's face. That's just all class and a panel every artist should have to master to get their portfolio right.

    Great final line too. There's lots here but only 6 panels. Very sharp look at Arana.

  2. This is brilliant, Rol. One of your best, no doubt. You've captured Arana and Spidey's personality in a single page. It's got pace and humour ... everything. Awesome.


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