Sunday, October 31, 2010

Casanova Quinn – Admitting You Have A Problem – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Zephyr Quinn walks out of an orgy hall, it’s a room full of writhing, naked, men and women. The room has an animal theme, people with fake ears, tails, someone wearing an elephant trunk (though nothing else).
Caption: Nothing, just a bunch of pages. Waiting to be turned, to be forgotten or burned with the rest of history written by the wrong winners. Tragic like a clown with a limp dick.
Zephyr: You’re just so desperately shit at life.

2. Zephyr stops at a patio facing an Italian vista of glorious beauty.
Caption: I’m going to need Cass, not these peons.

3. Close on Zephyr’s face, she’s smiling like she just figured out what an orgasm is.
Caption: Because no less will sate me, I’ve gone to the 666.

4. Zephyr still stands at the patio but now we can see a table setting out there, and a wild looking Casanova Quinn sits there with a Mint Julep in front of him. He’s got slightly longer hair than the usual Cass, and longer sideburns. He’s wearing a shirt with rolled up sleeves below a vest and nice tie. We can see tattoos down his left forearm.
Caption: Yeah, I learnt a thing or two rolling with Xeno. I got me some Fakebook skills. I don’t like to brag.
Zephyr: You ready?

5. Casanova stands up and has a blade drawn in his hand, there is a spread of psychic squid coming out from around him. Zephyr has her psychic snakes at the ready behind her.
Caption: This will be my fifth Cass this month. I’ve got a problem.
Casanova: Ha, vile strumpet, are you?
Casanova: I’m going to leave you only feeling the vibrations of music because to have it enter any orifice will simply hurt too much.
Caption: And I love my sexy fucking problem.


  1. Ryan, the dialogue is perfect (though for some reason I heard "limp-dicked clown" better than "clown with a limp dick"). It has just the right level of WTF-edness that Fraction brings to the book.

    I just realised though, this whole week was just an excuse for us to get out freaky erotica on, wasn't it? I failed so much.

  2. Rol, you make a good point. Sex is sucha large part of Casanova's DNA, though not always on the surface. It was definitely the aspect i wanted to highlight the most.

  3. SUCH a tight script. One of my favs from you Mr Ryan. Great stuff.


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