Friday, October 8, 2010

Lara Croft - Trail of Blood - Matt Duarte

Lara Croft in “Trail of Blood” by Matt Duarte

Note from the author: You are probably wondering why I'm uploading my Lara Croft script now, when it was the character's turn two weeks ago. I was on vacation during that time, so I couldn't write it, even though I had a good idea for a page. So you are getting it now. My Silver Surfer script should go up later today, until then, enjoy!

This page is divided into six panels. The first row has three long vertical ones, the second row has two small ones, and the final row is only a big wide one.

Panel 1

Description: Lara Croft is standing in the middle of a big cave, holding both a flashlight and a pistol in her hands towards the floor. She is carrying a Bluetooth headpiece, which rests in her ear and she is talking through it. On the other side of the com line is James (who I just made up), who works as her information broker. On the floor, there’s sets of footsteps and blood.

LARA: You know, James, when you said that there was a trail of blood leading up to this relic, I didn’t think you were being literal.

JAMES (through headpiece): What do you mean?

LARA: Sets of tracks, and lots of blood. It seems to be from the tracks that are leaving the cave.

Panel 2

Description: Lara is now upon a smaller hole within the cave, the tracks and blood are leading into it.

JAMES (through headpiece): Where do they lead?

LARA: Small chamber on the north side.

JAMES (through headpiece): Sounds like a trap... you are going to go in, aren’t you?

LARA: Please James, I’ve got a reputation to uphold. Of course I’m going in.

Panel 3

Description: Complete darkness. The only thing we can see is the spotlight from Lara’s lantern, and a small red glowing light towards the end of it.

LARA: I think I’ve found it.

JAMES (through headpiece): What say? Line breaking up

LARA: Great.

Panel 4

Description: Lara is coming up to a large and long mound inside the cave. On top of it is a small but bright red stone. She is reaching to grab it.

VOICE (off panel): Ta ta ta, dear.

Panel 5

Description: We can only see the back of Lara’s body, and there is a two-barreled shotgun aimed directly at the back of her head. We can see that she has already grabbed the stone.

VOICE (off panel): Did your parents not teach you anything? You mustn’t grab what does not belong to you.

LARA: And who might you be?

Panel 6

Description: From the front, we can now see Lara, still holding on to the stone, and behind her stands the person that was talking earlier. It’s a tall woman, with long red hair, wielding a shotgun. She is wearing a trenchcoat, and bright orange clothes, along with a choker around her neck that holds a stone similar to the one that Lara is holding.

ELSA BLOODSTONE: Me? I’m Elsa Bloodstone, and that’s my father’s tomb you are so happily raiding there. Who the bloody hell are you?

LARA: The name’s Lara Croft, and if you don’t put that gun down, you’ll be joining your dear dad soon enough.
Up Next: Tomb-Raiding, Monster-Fighting Action!


  1. it WOULD have Elsa Bloodstone in it after your UK visit! ahahaha

  2. Ha! Actually, I got the idea for this before I even left on my vacation.

  3. Cool script, Matt. Nice, simple layout, and although I wasn't familiar with Elsa Bloodstone, a quick Wikipedia search means I'm imagining all sorts of possibilities now. Great!

    I suppose I might like panel six to be the splash page on the final page of a comic? But given our self-imposed one page constraints, this is pretty flawless. Brilliant, again.

  4. I'd pay to read that face-off.

  5. Very cool idea. I think a genuinely engaging villain on Lara's level is the key and this introduces the scenario really well.


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