Thursday, October 14, 2010

Machine Man - The Corporate Machine - Simon McDonald

1. Inside Theodore Grant's office. A new character, in case you're doing a Wikipedia search. He's the CEO of Planetary Marketing; again, a whole new corporation. His office is expensively furnished. He and Tony Stark are sitting at his desk.

I'm warning you, Theo.
You can't trust him.

And I'm telling you, Tony - - 
Even if he wanted to, he can't do any harm.

2. Tight on Theodore. He's your everyday CEO. No malice about him. Not even a hint of it. He's just a guy very passionate about his latest enterprise.

Neuromarketing is in its infancy.
People consider the very notion of it sinister.
And who can blame them?
Hooking folks up to electroencephalograph machines,
having electrodes connected to their heads; 
it's not an appealing procedure.

3. Cut to Machine Man. He's standing in front of a one way mirror. Looking into a room in which six people are sitting, staring at a television screen. 

(off panel)
Aaron makes the procedure painless.
He's willingly monitored the EEG waves of our research participants.
We're extracting previous unaccessible information from their minds;
learning what works and what doesn't in the marketing world.

4. On Tony frowning.

That's the problem.
You're allowing him to access – manipulate – people's thoughts.
Government legislation prohibits the use of telepaths to benefit business...
This is no different.

5. Theodore stands, ready to end the meeting. He's had enough.

This is completely different, 
and I'm offended you'd suggest I was involved in such practices.
He's not manipulating thoughts.
He's examining activity in the brain's reward and emotional centers.
That's it.

6. Cut back to Machine Man. He's smirking. We don't know why...

(off panel)
Believe me, Tony.
Machine Man's changed.
He's completely harmless...


  1. Sime, I love that you always introduce these new characters and companies. We should compile a little Official Handbook of the Sime Universe, you've slowly populated it with enough great stuff.

    I like this coiled spring use of Stack. It's surprisingly creepy.

  2. I agree, I like the creepy pay off, and a slightly different take on MM than the current, flippant Warren Ellis one (though I suspect Planetary Marketing may be a nod in his direction).

    This is a great story concept, Simon, and I really like the line about government banning telepaths.

    Theodore Grant though... isn't he Wildcat?

  3. Cheers guys.

    And Theodore Grant's Wildcat!? Sigh. I need to Google my names more often...

  4. Nice. I love sinister smirks :)

  5. It was that, or his eyes glowing red...

  6. @ Ryan - I would rather use established corporations already in the Marvel Universe, but couldn't find a candidate in this case. Didn't think Roxxon would work; besides which, they'd be expected to be invovled in illegal activities, whereas 'Planetary Marketing,' aren't setting out to do wrong.

  7. If ever there was a character who could nail sinister smirks, it would be Aaron Stack.

    The Government banning telepaths is a great touch. Good job.

  8. Great example of a script being about a character without exactly being the protagonist in this particular page. Good work!


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