Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Machine Man – Picking Up The Pieces – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Machine Man sits at the controls of his retro space craft. It’s something you’d find in the good, early, Star Wars world building stories. He has one hand on his head as he considers what he sees.
Caption: It’s a disgusting sort of special organic footprint they leave when they feed.
Caption: Think of your fat neighbour chowing down on a dozen cheeseburgers but with each bite waves of grease and hate swept through your street and stripped the skin from your children.

2. Machine Man steps from the bottom lowered access gang plank on his ship.
Caption: The Mthliri are a plague on society. Every society.

3. Machine Man approaches the scene of many dead Mthliri bodies slumped around the withered Silver Surfer.
Caption: I’m not a cure. No, these idiots take care of themselves just fine.
Caption: I’m just the clean up squad.

4. Machine Man kicks a few of the Mthliri corpses out of the way and he does it quite harshly.
Caption: And like any fossicker, I get to keep what I find.

5. Machine Man picks up one of the tendrils coming from the crown around Silver Surfer’s head.
Caption: There’s usually so much waste left behind and I’ll damn well do whatever I like with what is mine.
Caption: You can’t judge me.

6. There’s an explosion of Kirby dots as Machine Man and the Surfer are jolted up into the air.
Caption: But I’ll be able to judge you.

If you want to know where this story started then hit up my Silver Surfer script from last week.


  1. Creating your own continuity... I like :)

    Just curious though, why are they "jolted up into the air"? Is he flying? Has the tendril picked up in Panel 5 exploded or something? I'm a little confused...

  2. @Danial - I'm thinking it's more that Stack is getting imbued with the Surfer's power cosmic and it's launching them both up due to the immense saturation of power.

    Does that even make sense...? :)

  3. Wow - 2 parter! Nice work. I've tried to do this a couple of times but have never been able to make it happen. I'll be interested to see how you work in NEXT week's character, Ryan.

  4. I do love the lines "You can't judge me. But I'll be able to judge you." And the Kirby dots are just icing on the cake. Cool script, Ryan.


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