Monday, October 4, 2010

Silver Surfer - Consumption - Ben Rosenthal

The following takes place shortly after the Silver Surfer has fled Planet Sakaar (during Planet Hulk).

1. The Silver Surfer stands on his board, in the middle of deepest space. He is rigid, both fists clenched at his side.

CAPTION: They imprisoned me.

2. A closer version of the previous panel, focusing on the surfer from the lower torso up. Power is emanating from his body. He looks angry.

CAPTION: Forced me to commit acts of brutality for their entertainment.

3. A close up of the Surfer’s face. His teeth are clenched together, and his eyes shut as he attempts to control this emotion.

CAPTION: Why is this particular emotion so strong? I feel it seeping through my veins, screaming to be unleashed, demmanding retribution!

CAPTION: This rage. I fear it shall consume me.

4. The same as the above panel, however the Surfer has calmed down somewhat as he attempts to enter into a meditative state. Traces of anger still mark his face, mixed with concentration and pain.

CAPTION: I just...... I just need some time.....


  1. A great introduction for people like me who have not read any Planet Hulk. I think it needs a panel showing what brutal act Silver Surfer committed. Aside from that, great.

  2. I like this. feels like some decompression could have helped it have more impact, but for four panels it hits the point well.

    Weirdly I keep picturing panel 3 with the Surfer being so angry that tears are almost coming out, but I think I just ended up projecting some part of myself with that ahahaha.

  3. @Max - Tears on the verge of coming out in Panel 3 would have been awesome. You want an editing job? (it doesn't pay. Ever.)

  4. Wonderful stuff, Ben. It's simple and it's effective. Sure, you might add a panel showcasting the brutality of the Surfer's actions, but I think the lack of that explicit detail adds some emotional punch.

    Also - I agree with Max, regarding tears in Panel 3. Would be a nice touch.

  5. Short, but powerful, effective and in-character. Lose the 'demmanding' typo and I don't have a single complaint.


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