Sunday, October 3, 2010

Silver Surfer - No Fear - Brandon Whaley

 This takes place during the time when the Silver Surfer is stranded on Earth thanks to his betrayal of Galactus. Other than that, there's not much background needed. All captions are the thoughts of the Surfer.

PANEL 1: It's nighttime. We see a crowd of angry people on a city street. They are yelling random things like “Go home!” and “Get out of our city!”

PANEL 2: We the the Silver Surfer on his board leaving the angry mob behind him. He has a look of complete despair of his face.

CAPTION: Humanity. No matter what I do, they judge me.

PANEL 3: We see the Surfer flying over another area of the city. Children are pointing while hiding behind their mothers, and people are hastening to get inside their house.

CAPTION: They are so afraid of anything they perceive as “different.”

PANEL 4: The Surfer lowers his board to the street. He walks to a nearby flower vendor. She drops her bouquet and runs screaming.

CAPTION: I've worked to help humanity and all that comes from it is misery. Sometimes I think they are a doomed race, destined to self-destruct into their own prejudices and hatred.

PANEL 5: The Surfer takes back to the air. He is holding a single rose from what's left of the vendor's stock. He is flying over a more industrial area of the city.

CAPTION: However, sometimes I think back to when I first came to this world. I think of people like Alicia Masters. People who show me the potential this primitive race exhibits. But I often wonder if she is alone in her compassion.

PANEL 6: The Surfer is high above what we can now recognize as Hell's Kitchen.

CAPTION: And then something happens, just when I've given up all hope...

PANEL 7: Cut to street level. We see down an alley, looking up as if from the pavement. Daredevil has two thugs cornered in the alley. In the sky distant, we can see the Surfer watching.

CAPTION: ...someone comes out of nowhere to do something courageous, and I realize...

PANEL 8: We see the alley from over the Surfer's shoulder at a distance. Daredevil has the thugs up against the wall. We catch snippets of conversation like “--not in my city--” and “--Kitchen belongs to me, so get--”

CAPTION: ...humanity will be all right, in the end.


  1. ahahaha, clever strategy to endear your script to us by having Daredevil in it!

    But seriously, there are some things I love here. The first of which is having the examples of conversation in the first panel, the flower vendor screaming, and the snippets of conversation in panel 8. By defining ideas but not being entirely strict on the matter you allow the letterer to have more freedom to make sure that whatever is being said and how much of the text is actually fit in to the penciller's art. I don't know if you had that in mind when you were doing this but WOW Brandon, it pays dividends.

    Also I'd point out how this is pretty on-character for Silver Surfer and well aware of his own continuity, but you're the Silver Surfer guy! it'd be silly to point that out!

  2. There is something quite grand about the Silver Surfer character and this really pulls off the profound nature of the character.

  3. I think you captured the Surfer's loneliness and alienation really well here, Brandon.


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