Saturday, October 9, 2010

Silver Surfer - Posterity - Matt Duarte

Silver Surfer in “Posterity” by Matt Duarte

This page is set up in a four panel, two by two grid. The Surfer is currently the herald of Galactus.

Panel 1

Description: The Surfer is floating mid space, with a concentrated look on his face. He is staring deep into the distance.

SILVER SURFER (caption): My name is Norrin Radd. A long time ago, I was a scientist and an astronomer, and finding a planet like this one would have once filled me with joy and expectation.

SILVER SURFER (caption): Today, it fills my heart with sorrow, for another civilization is about to perish.

Panel 2

Description: The Surfer, still in the same pose as before, but the view pulls back, and we see that Galactus is standing right behind him.

SILVER SURFER (caption): I am a Herald of Galactus, the World Eater. I am tasked to guide an eternal fire that slowly consumes the Universe.

SILVER SURFER (caption): It is a process as destructive as it is necessary, for without Galactus, the balance of the universe would collapse.

Panel 3

Description: The Surfer is now heading away from Galactus, at an incredible speed.

SILVER SURFER (caption): Whenever it is possible, I choose planets with space faring races. It means there’s a chance, no matter how small, that part of it’s culture will survive elsewhere.

SILVER SURFER (caption): That is not the case today. There’s no other viable option, all other planets are too far. My master is weak and he must feed soon.

Panel 4

Description: A shot from behind the Surfer, he is still moving as fast as before. He is heading into planet Earth.

SILVER SURFER (caption): The inhabitants of this planet have barely gotten to this world’s satellite. They can not get off their planet even if they wanted to. There is no escape for them.

SILVER SURFER (caption): Today, all of their art, music, science and potential will disappear. May posterity forgive me for my actions. 

The End can be found in Fantastic Four #48-50


  1. Nice continuity and pacing, and whilst I'm trying to encourage moving away from captions, this stuff encapsulates so much about the surfer and his past self that i just can't even think of complaining. Class stuff, love it.

  2. I like it. And I like that you added the continuation issue for someone like me who hasn't read it.

  3. The Silver Surfer strikes me as a very dramatic character and this pulls it off well.


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