Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Thing – It Never Ends, Ever – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Ben Grim sits at the end of a murky bar, usual fedora and trenchcoat in play; he is the background of this wide panel. In the foreground we have two twins, male/female, facing us with their backs to grim. These two are young, but eager.
Caption: Many years later…
Jeena: That’s him.
Sonny: Really? You think? Maybe it’s just some other dude made out of rock.
Jeena: Don’t be a prick.
Sonny: That’d be like telling you to not be a slut.
Jeena: Whatever.

2. Jeena strips off her clothes and we see she is a walking weapon, biological and artificial at the same time. There are razors and wires and all sorts of weird stuff.
Jeena: You ready to make history? Let’s be the sexy freaks who took out the last F^#%ing Four member alive.

3. Jeena jumps at Grimm and she’s ready to strike and kill. Feel free to give her any martial art kick you like as she gets her Dragonball Z on in mid-air.
Jeena: Death from above!

4. Grimm swats Jeena away with one arm, the other holding his gimlet up to his lips.
Grimm: Shoo fly.

5. Sonny runs at Grimm now, his body is similar to Jeena’s, but it should look a different colour completely. Maybe blue would be striking…
Sonny: Resistance is futile, rock lobster!

6. Grimm has Sonny around the chest with his two hands, he’s squeezing hard.
Grimm: Kiddo, you think I don’t do this on the hour every hour?
Grimm: And you don’t think it annoys me like an itch right in the middle of my back?

7. Grimm is crushing Sonny to death (his thorax is completely imploding), Jeena has jumped onto his head, knocking his hat off, but Grimm doesn’t notice.
Grimm: I’m just so lonely and y’know, I’d let you kill me…
SFX: Krack!

8. Grimm has dropped Sonny and shrugged Jeena off as he walks away slowly, putting his hat back on.
Grimm: Were that I could die.
Grimm: Do your research, stupid kids; rock don’t age, it don’t die.
Grimm: And it don’t care.


  1. Ryan, that's really nice. Ben's voice is there, the opening image is a strong one, and the tragic conclusion suits this character down to the ground.

    Although I'm not sure Ben would say "Were that I could..." - unless he was mocking Reed!

  2. That stuck out to me as, Rol, but I didn't want to say anything as I don't know the character that well :)

  3. Some grim takes on Ben Grimm, huh? *rimshot*

    Great scripts from everyone so far.

  4. Hey Rol and Danial, yeah I wasn't sure about the line, but it felt right. I figure it's so many years later that Grimm has learnt a few new tricks...or maybe Reed is in Grimm's body, the whole family could be in there, the only way to survive their fragile fleshy abodes...?
    No-prizes are plentiful.

    @Ivan - yeah, I've noticed all week we're putting Grimm through the ringer. Harsh, harsh but fair.


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