Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Thing - Man of the People - Sime McDonald

1. Establishing shot of the Baxter Building, outside of which stand protestors, fists pummelling the air, brandishing hastily concocted signs. There are camera crews about, capturing the scene. A female news reporter stands amidst the crowd, speaking into the camera, epitomising composure.

--with the country gearing up for midterm elections next week,
science is on the firing line—

2. Cut to inside the Baxter building, where the Fantastic Four – notably absent of Ben Grimm, The Thing – are watching the reporter on a monitor. Johnny Storm is staring absent-mindedly at the reporter, barely interested; as opposed to Reed and Sue, watching the coverage with stony-faces.

(on screen)
--hundreds of New Yorkers standing outside the Baxter Building
protesting against what they consider wasteful government expenditure
on scientific research, at a time when the citizens of this country
are being pummelled by the effects of the worst economic
slump since the 1930’s.

3. Cut back outside, and we’re looking at the reporter again. Her eyes flare in recognition as she identifies someone off-panel.

These people want to know where this money is going, and - -
Hey, isn’t that - -

4. The Reporter is making a dash for The Thing, in his overcoat and hat. Thing looks deflated when he realises he has been spotted.

Sir! Mr. Grimm!
Are you here to make a statement?

Aw cripes...

5. The Reporter get’s right in Thing’s face. He looks bemused by the whole thing.

What do you make of these people’s accusations?
Is too much money being spent funding science when everyday
folk like these continue to suffer?

No, it ain’t right—

6. On Thing, speaking into the camera.

Science made me what I am, and science has
given me what I have, but science ain’t gonna fix
what’s wrong with these folks.

 I don’t have the answers, but
all’s I know is I’m gonna do what I got to in order to
help as many of these people as I can, and I can’t
do that sittin’ up there.

7. Back in the Baxter Building, where the three other members of the Fantastic Four are watching this on their monitor. Reed looks exasperated, Johnny is now entranced and Sue has her head in her hands.

(on screen)
And I would encourage my team mates to do what
they can, too.



  1. That's an excellent beginning, Simon, topical and perfectly in character, with a real direction that I'm sure would lead to some fun adventures and, equally importantly, internal conflict within the FF family.

    Can't help but think the next episode should be called 'Mr. Grimm Goes To Washington' though...

  2. It's not often one of us writes the preamble instead of blowing our stack in out stacked one page. Nice work Simon, I like that your page alternates between the two scenes.

  3. This is a really cool idea, Simon. I'm really impressed -- this could definitely be the beginning of a vastly interesting (and politically relevant) Fantastic Four run. Good stuff.

  4. I'm sure NASA would be rolling scowling at you, but this was great! Nice set up :)

    My only issue, from a writing aspect, is the line, "The Reporter get’s right in Thing’s face, microphone pointed at his face." ;)

  5. Good catch Danial - I've edited that line now.

    Glad you guys enjoyed it; compared to the other scripts that've gone up this week, this is kind of tame, haha!


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