Sunday, October 31, 2010

Why Casanova Quinn?

Why? Because the genre demands it! That's why.

I first read Casanova in the trade of his first arc. I was instantly won over on this comic. It's high art, but maybe it's really low in disguise, and in the end it doesn't matter if it entertains you and gives you plenty to think about. This comic does both and in large parts manages it due to the lead character.

He's the lost sperm of Mick Jagger and Dominic Fortune and he's surrounded by a world that feels like Philip K Dick if he had 72 channels to surf while tripping instead of just being in his shed with a typewriter.

Cass is amoral and funny and determined. He's also a true bastard, a gentleman of some new school, and extremely intriguing as a human and a four colour character. He'll do just about anything and it's this internal anarchy that makes him so compelling.

I've picked him for this week's character because I feel you could do just about anything with him. It's just whether you do it well or not that's the true question. I hope I manage something halfway decent. Cass deserves nothing less.

If you've just joined us due to the media attention from The Weekly Crisis, and then CBR's Robot 6, then welcome, have a look around, and please contribute your own script in the comments section of this post, we always welcome Play-At-Home pages to be delievered.

If you haven't read Casanova before then you need to buy the trade below. It's required reading, seriously.


  1. I'm still not sold on the character... What can he do exactly?

  2. @Danial - he can be exceptionally awesome, wickedly well written, quite amusing, and also find himself in the middle of very intriguing stories. It's not his powers, he's just a spy, but it's his tales. I easily rate Casanova as one of my top ten all-time comics. Easily.

  3. When it comes to Casanova, it's the world / environment he exists in that really augments a character that, on paper, doesn't necessarily make you stand up and take notice. Although I picked it up originally because I thought it was a spy tale - turned out to be so much more. Actually didn't enjoy it at first, went back a year or so later, loved it.

  4. Might sit this one out and just see what all the other master scribes come up with :)


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