Sunday, October 10, 2010

Why Machine Man?

Because Warren Ellis. Seriously.

I mean, sure Machine Man has a pedigree that would make any other character blush. He was created by Jack Kirby for a comic book adaptation of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and later creators that worked with him include names like Steve Ditko, Marv Wolfman, Herb Trimpe and Barry Windsor-Smith. He's had several ongoing series in the past, but none of them were really that commercially successful. Ask any fan what their favorite Machine Man story was, and you would probably get a blank stare.

But then, Warren Ellis in his infinite genius/madness, decided that this character, who is a robot, needed a different attitude. In the pages of Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E., we learn that Aaron Stack (his name, which he now prefers to Machine Man) has grown a large distaste for humans, and has rewired his own robot brain to enjoy alcoholic drinks. And so, the modern take of Machine Man, an alcoholic sociopath with lots of tools at his command, was born.


  1. A human-hating robot? Now I've heard everything! :)

    Seriously though, I'd never heard of this guy until now, so wish me luck...

  2. [OK, so as I stated above, I've never even heard of this guy before, so I'm sure I'll have his voice all wrong, but anyway, during my character researchings, he reminded me of someone...]


    Aaron Stack is sitting hunched at a bar, looking forward at us. He is drinking a beer and talking to an unseen companion.

    AARON: I’ve been observing you for some time.

    Exact same panel as the previous, except Aaron has put his drink down on the bench.

    AARON: I’ve seen that you and I are kindred spirits. Our contempt for humanity...
    SPEECH BUBBLE (OP): Our love of alcohol.

    Aaron is holding up his beer and smiling to his left.

    AARON: Precisely--we’re on the same page, you and I.
    AARON: That’s why I’ve come to you--to join forces.
    SPEECH BUBBLE (OP): Who are you and why should I care?

    Aaron is turning to his left, holding his hand out to shake.

    AARON: My name is Aaron Stack--
    AARON: --and you should care because I’m talking about bringing them down.
    AARON: All of them!

    A wider view, revealing Stack’s companion to be Bender from Futurama. The two are shaking hands and smiling villainously.

    BENDER: Bender…
    BENDER: And consider me in.

    Both are toasting their glasses together.

    AARON/BENDER: To bringing down the
    AARON: Fleshy Ones.
    BENDER: Meat Sacks.

  3. Perfect, Danial. I've never made the connection before, but you're absolutely right - they're kindred spirits.

  4. Danial - nice work, man. I love your dedication to get a script out each and every week, no matter what. You get the essence of Stack onto this page quite nicely.

  5. I was almost about to sit this one out, but once I realised the Bender connection, I just couldn't help myself--he's one of my favourite TV characters :)


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