Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why the Silver Surfer?

Have we met? If so, you know exactly why I've picked the Silver Surfer. If not, allow me to explain. The Surfer is my favorite character of all time. Noble of heart and spirit, Norrin Radd sacrificed everything he knew to become herald to Galactus, the Eater of Worlds. Stripped of his humanity, the Surfer then led Galactus on a feast of planets, many of which were inhabited. Upon visiting Earth and encountering the human woman Alicia Masters, the Surfer was able to regain his humanity and turn on his master, helping to save the planet. Since then, he's been on a mission to atone for his sins, and has actually gone back under the employ of his former master in this process. What sort of missions will the fellows here at Thoughtballoons have in store for our lonely messiah? Stick around, and find out.


  1. The Surfer is a great character that will be very hard (for me) to write. Might have to spend more than my usual 30min on this one :P

  2. "FREE WILL"


    In a dark alleyway, Moon Knight is beating a random thug to a pulp. The trademark silver streak of the Silver Surfer can be seen cutting across the starry sky above.


    The Surfer has come to a stop above the alley, looking down at the scene. From over his shoulder, we see Moon Knight standing amidst three fallen foes. He is talking to himself.

    MOON KNIGHT: That’s three more for you!


    The Surfer is lowering down into the alley behind Moon Knight, who is spinning around quickly, holding several crescent darts, ready to throw.

    SILVER SURFER: To whom are you speaking?
    MOON KNIGHT: -> <-


    Close on Moon Knight, who looks as relieved as one can look when wearing a mask.

    MOON KNIGHT: Surfer, you startled me.
    SILVER SURFER (OP): I assure you, that was not my intention.


    The Surfer is now hovering only inches from the ground.

    SILVER SURFER: I could not help but overhear--
    MOON KNIGHT: Khonshu.
    SILVER SURFER: The Egyptian deity?
    MOON KNIGHT: Yes. He... speaks to me.


    Close on the Surfer.

    SILVER SURFER: And instructs you to kill?


    Same view as panel five, only Moon Knight has his head low.

    SILVER SURFER: I was once in your position…
    SILVER SURFER: … but am now free. I no longer need to kill.


    Close on Moon Knight.

    MOON KNIGHT: How? How did you do it?


    From over Moon Knight’s shoulder, we see the Surfer rising back into their sky, his head looking to the stars.

    SILVER SURFER: I chose not to.

  3. Oh man, Danial... That's snazzy. I can't even get in my critical state of mind because YOU DID A SCRIPT WITH MOON KNIGHT AND THE SILVER SURFER IN.

  4. Danial - man, you really cut a great connection right there between these two. You tie it all together and end it very well. I'm hugely impressed, this is one of your better ones, and with such short notice. You always impress, man.

  5. I can't believe you made me read Moon Knight.

    And made me enjoy it.

  6. @simon oh Simon, we will have to have words, dissing on the Moon Knight like that. tut tut


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