Friday, November 19, 2010

Ash - Curriculum Vitae - Matt Duarte

Ash in “Curriculum Vitae” by Matt Duarte

This page is to be laid out in a classic Watchmen-style 9 panel grid, except that the last row is just one big panel.

Panel 1

Description: Ash is falling from the sky, which looks tormentous and oddly colored. He is flailing around, and we can see that on one hand he is holding his trusty boomstick and on the other rests a chainsaw.

CAPTION: Name: Ashley J. Williams

Panel 2

Description: Ash lands on top of a group of deadites, which have broken his fall.

CAPTION: Age: Too old for this shit.

Panel 3

Description: Ash has stood back up. Even though a group of deadites were knocked out by his fall, there’s plenty more surrounding him.

CAPTION: Current Occupation: Full time protector of infested realities.

ASH: Alrighty then...

Panel 4

Description: Ash is now attacking several deadites, with his chainsaw, chopping off several body parts.

CAPTION: Plenty of previous work experience.

ASH: Don’t worry class, I brought enough to share with everyone!

Panel 5

Description: Ash has now dispatched of all of his foes, with the exception of a deadite that is running away from him. Ash is shooting him in the back.

CAPTION: Great handle on customer relations.

ASH: Oh no you don’t, chuckles!


Panel 6

Description: The deadite that was making a run for it has fallen, and there are plenty of others in the floor.

CAPTION: Good communication skills.

ASH: Heh. Groovy.

Panel 7

Description: We are now seeing the same scene from above, and we can see that the bodies have all fallen in the shape of a sentence that says “Ash is here”, with the final deadite being the dot in the “i”.

CAPTION: And objective driven.

ASH: I guess it’s time to find that stupid old book. Again.

CAPTION: Desperately looking for a new career in a different field.

The End.


  1. That was great, Matt. My favourite of the week! I feel you really captured Ash's sense of humour and his over-the-top shenanigans with the "Ash is here" bit. Love it!

    The only thing that threw me was the "Alrighty then," which always makes me think of Jim Carrey saying it Ace Ventura... but that's my fault, not your's :P

  2. You're making sure the artist's gonna have fun with this script, huh? :P

    Good stuff.

  3. I like the concept, the captions over the panels, and the whole vibe. The final panel also would be a blast. I like this page, Matt, captures the charcater emotionally but still offers the gore. Just what's needed.

  4. Excellent layout and brilliant pay-off.

  5. It's seeing scripts like this that I'm glad I'm not an artist :P

    However, wow that's awesome. You got Ash down to a t (I don't know what that saying even means, but it's good right?)

  6. @benjum/Ivan: Yeah, I'll freely admit this one might be a bit crammed.

    @Danial: I actually thought of Ace Ventura too when I wrote it , but I decided to leave it anyway. I actually think both characters share a lot of similar characteristics: delusions of grandeur, over the top personalities, constant need to be catch-phrasing, etc. so I think the connection works.


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