Monday, November 15, 2010

Ash – Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Ash – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Ash is looking off into the left, into the night. He looks tired, beaten, his shirt in tatters, his five o’clock shadow closer to six, the gun and strap on his back. He's seen better days.
Ash: Deadite stench, loose on every wind.

2. A much better looking Ash faces to the right, into a waning dusk. He’s clean shaven, wearing a nice jacket for the cold, and his hair is combed. In total, he looks good. Better than Ash ever has, or has any reason to.
Good Ash: Suck it up, Williams, you think we all don’t get the same end of the stick?
Ash(op): Oh, just because you waltz in and say you’re the Good Ash you think you get to boss me around? Well, listen up Mr Fancy Pants-

3. Wide panel – these two are back to back. Our Ash has his gun in his hand, the new Ash has sleeker looking pistols in each hand.
Ash: I’ve fought this evil before, all of it.
Good Ash: You’ve met Bad Ash, yeah, and you did a decent job. But there’s a reason I’m called Good Ash.
Ash: Heeey, Good, Bad, what does that make me?
Good Ash: Not Arch Stanton.

4. We are looking out Ash in the face. Over his shoulder is Good Ash and the wide open sea with a small armada of ships coming in.
Ash: Whatever, you’re the idiot!
Ash: Let’s just blast some he-goons and she-bitches and call it a day. You can brew me some more of that Canadian Mead you got the ancient recipe for.

5. We now look at Good Ash’s face, he looks confused or disappointed. Not happy.
Good Ash: Maybe I didn’t explain it right last time, though it’s probable you just didn’t get it.
Good Ash: This army is dead, yes, but you might find things a bit different from the usual Deadite…

6. Our Ash is looking over Good Ash’s shoulder. He looks very shocked.
Good Ash: That armada is assembled entirely of us. It’s every evil Ash the bastard could find.
Good Ash: And there were plenty of them bored and looking for something to do.

I wanted to write a script that would prove the superiority of The Evil Dead, the original flick. I wrote that script, check it here, but then decided I liked this one just that bit more, even though it's more Army of Darkness inspired. If you have time check them both out, let me know which you prefer.


  1. This is awesome, I'd love to read this story. I really like how you invented the Good Ash character - it's really a fantastic play on the man with no name.

  2. I think I liked your other one better. It was more about the psychological terror, which I personally prefer. Perhaps that's why I liked the first film the best as well. Anyway, besides the few word mix-ups (I'm not sure how you can look "into" the left :P) I liked both equally.

    I'm still tossing up ideas for mine, but luckily, I have another 5 days to do so :)

  3. So first Ash, then Evil Ash, now Good Ash. The idea of sticking them in one place to fight an army of Evil Ash's has me wanting to see what other spins on Ash could be thrown together.

  4. Having only watched the first movie, I liked "B side" best. But both are good.

  5. I think yuo can take Ash in any direction, he's just one of those maleable forces. You could have weakling Ash, super-smart Ash, brute-force alpha male Ash.

    It all works because deep down Ash is all those things.

    For the money, I can't choose which of my scripts I like more. They both scratch such a different itch.

  6. I can so see Bruce Campbell doing Good Ash / (Bad) Ash. He's like a one man walking Warner Bros cartoon.


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