Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ash - SSDD - Danial Carroll

PAGE ONE (eight panels)

PANEL 1. Ash hangs a light-blue S-Mart shirt on a hook. The name-tag, “Ash Williams, Manager,” can clearly be seen.

A helluva lot has changed in the last 17 years.

PANEL 2. He drops a set of keys onto a side-table, next to a photo of himself and the woman from the end of Army of Darkness.

I tied the knot with Betty.

Honey, you home?

You remember, that foxy mama I saved at S-Mart.

PANEL 3. Close up on the front of a fridge, with Ash’s hand grabbing on to a post-it that reads, “Ash, Taken Sam out trick or treating, xoxox.” Next to the post-it is a photo that shows a young boy cutting a birthday cake with a large “10” on top.

We’ve had a kid.

PANEL 4. Ash is holding the post-it, but looking away, a little startled by a knocking at the door.

But the more things change…

Ugh, I hate Halloween. Brings out all the crazies.

Maybe if I just turn off all the--


Damn it, too late.

PANEL 5. Over Ash’s shoulder, from the doorway, we see a lady Deadite standing on his porch.

Trick or treeeaaat.

Hold on.

PANEL 6. From outside, we see the Deadite just standing at the empty doorway.

PANEL 7. Same as the previous panel, except Ash is walking into frame.

SFX (on Ash):

SFX (between panels):

PANEL 8. Through the new-formed hole in the Deadite’s head, we see Ash holding a smoking shotgun.

Sorry, lady, we’re all outta treats.

… The more they stay the same.


  1. You know that Deadite wasd just a trick or treater, right?

    Harsh, the next page is surely Ash not realising but the street running in fear.

    The concept is about the ability of post-war vets to integrate back into society and try to live normal lives, which they'll never really be able to do.

    That's some deep stuff, Danial. Well done.

    I felt like you probably could have shaved a panel or two off, though. Probably didn't need Ash walking itno frame, expedite the process, that sort of thing.

  2. Old Man Ash vs. Old Man Logan: who wins? I also really appreciate the "we're all out of treats" throwback line to Army of Darkness. Very clever!

  3. I just want to assure everyone, Ash would know a Deadite when he sees one :P

    Also, thanks for adding some meaning to my otherwise meaningless script, Ryan :)

    I actually shaved quite a lot off this one already. I had planned on Ash making a quip about the Deadite having a terrible costume, as well as having his wife and kid at the bottom of the stairs at the end, covered in brain-bits, and him casually saying, "Oh, hey, honey, you're back."

  4. I dunno, Danial, I quite like Ryan's sick-minded interpretation, but either way this was fun. Personally I'd like to see Old Man Ash versus Bubba Ho Tep Elvis.

  5. Great work Danial. I can totally picture Ash looking like Bruce Campbell does now. In fact, having a slightly older and fatter Ash would add to the character nicely.

    Oh, and props for the Sami Raimi-esque angle in the last panel.


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