Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Casanova Quinn - I have no $#*& and I must %&@* - Max Barnard

The Point Of It All: I don't really know... much of anything about Casanova (despite reading the first hardcover like 3 times, I swear I'm thick as anything), but I like to think I'm on the ball enough to make this strip about Ellison-style grim sci-fi crossed with a complete lack of basic understanding of the character entertain. a bit.


Page 1 - 5 Panels

1-- A dark moving mass pulsates beneath a dark red light. Standing atop this pile of mystery mass (hint: it's people) is the silhouette of one Casanova Quinn, standing quite plainly.

NARRATION/CASANOVA QUINN - I find myself today in a dark world, dictated by forces beyond my comprehension.

2-- The red light is brighter now, illuminating the mass below Quinn, revealing it as a writhing mass of people having a very intimate time. Quinn himself is only slightly illuminated, with his face visible and the rest of him still in shadow to hide his missing genitalia.

NARRATION/CASANOVA QUINN - It COULD be the greatest world. Deceitful whores and pitiful shysters in a constant, writhing union under the command of a sinister artificial intelligence. Almost perfect.

3-- Close-up of Quinn's face, as he looks solemn and defeated.

NARRATION/CASANOVA QUINN - But the A.I. doesn't like me. I think E.M.P.I.R.E. knew this when they sent me here. Sexiled, even.

4-- Even CLOSER-up of Quinn's face, focused on his brow as sweat rolls down it.

NARRATION/CASANOVA QUINN - It can control all that is, it seems. Which is why... Why... Why...

5-- Fully illuminated shot of Quinn now, as he curses the universe, screaming to the sky. Where his genitals should be (and his arse if it fits into the picture at all) there is just a smoothed over area.



  1. That's kind of disturbing and I don't know what it says about you at all... ha.

    This feels pretty good for Cass, Max, well done.

  2. Oh no, they Ken-ed him!

    That's all I got. I'll go stand over here now.

    What I like about your scripts Max is I'm never sure as to which way you are going to go with a character. Keeps me interested.


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