Saturday, November 6, 2010

Casanova Quinn - Performance Anxiety - Danial Carroll

[I just need to point out that I have absolutely no knowledge of this character at all, so if his "voice" sounds wrong or whatever, it's not my fault :)]

Inside a seedy-looking bar, we see the silhouette of Casanova Quinn, sitting on a chair with his back to us. Before him stand four amazingly hot women, all smiling, somewhere between cheeky and evil.

CAPTION: This might look like heaven.

From over the shoulder of the middle two girls, we can see Casanova, his lower half is still in darkness. The part we can see has no trace of clothing, implying he is naked.

CAPTION: Sitting stark naked in front of... well, you saw them--
CAPTION: They don't come much hotter!

Close up on Casanova's face, the whole thing looking rather... saggy. There's even a line of drool from his open mouth. His eyes are looking to the left.

CAPTION: But I can assure you...
CAPTION: It's hell.

A Bartender is leaning one elbow on the bar, wiping with a cloth in the free hand. He is staring at us and smiling, clearly amused at the scene.

CAPTION: Would never have suspected that the 'tender would slip me a mickey.

A wide view of the scene, with Casanova on the left, the row of girls on the right, and the bartender between them all in the background.

CAPTION: I don't know who they are.
CAPTION: Why they've done this to me.
CAPTION: I don't even know their intentions.
CAPTION: Though frankly... I don't really care.

Close view of all the girls.

CAPTION: With a view like this, there's only one thing bothering me.

Close on Casanova, his eyes looking down.

CAPTION: I wish the drugs hadn't paralysed my entire body.


  1. Danial - you don't go excessive with the voice, so it actually comes off pretty damn well. Though 'tender pulled me out, I've never heard that expression...

    I like this page, it's a good tease with some punch.

  2. Agree with Ryan, Danial. You didn't try to convinceus with his voice, and the fact that he is so heavily drugged would make him seem a little 'off' anyway. Right?

    I dug it man, well done.

  3. Yeah, I could imagine Cass having this adventure. (But I'd prefer to imagine ME having this adventure.)


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