Monday, November 1, 2010

Cassanova Quin - A Day in the Life - Ben Rosenthal

1. Cassanova Quin and a scantily clad attractive female are running towards us. They are being chased by humanoid looking robots, in what looks to be the cargo bay of a spaceship or such.

How can I ever repay you?

I’m sure something will come up.

2. Cass is having sex with said lady in a cheap looking motel room. Go with any positioning you like, although one with Cass be dominant would suit best. He has a smirk on his face.


3. A white panel with text. In between the two lines of text is Cass’ head, talking to the reader. It’s a soliloquy.

So I rescue the damsel and we get it on. We fall asleep, I leave and everyone lives blissfully ever after, right?

Yeah, that’d be nice.

4. Still in the same hotel room, Cass has his knife in hand and fighting with the lady whom is actually a robot. She looks to be of the same model as the robots that were chasing her and Cass in the first panel. Her features are the same, but she now had electric swords protruding from her forearms. Go wild with the rest of her look.

5. Another white panel with text. This time, the head of Cass is winking.

Yup, I totally fucked a robot.


  1. Ben, this isn't too bad. I like that it's in keeping with Cass, however your sex dialogue needs much work. A robot sex junkie like this girl would say so much more.

    Overall, though, this page stahnds together pretty well.

  2. Ben, one thing I noticed is that you added an extra S to "Casanova".

  3. And robbed his Quinn of an N. You and your spelling, Rosenthal!

  4. I'll be honest - I have no idea how a robot sex junkie would speak. Got a sample Mr Ryan? :P

    And I have no idea what you mean about my speeling.

    I need an editor.

  5. "Yup, I totally fucked a robot.

    Again.", surely?


  6. Ryan appears to be the expert on Sex Robot Dialogue. I'd love to ask why, but men just don't talk about such things.

    Ben, this was lots of fun, and visually I could see it as a Casanova page - complete with the talking head panel with Fraction often uses.

    Needs another run through with the spellchecker / typo checker / extra word checker though... thus spake the Proofreader.

  7. You know, it'd take a real douchebag to point out that the Prrofreader wrote the following:

    "...complete with the talking head panel with Fraction often uses. "

    Good thing I'm not a douchebag though, right? ;)


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