Monday, November 22, 2010

Rick Grimes - A Moment - Ben Rosenthal

The following contains a minor spoiler. It is not essential to the plot, but does spoil a transpiring nonetheless.

1. We are looking down on a table. A football sits on the table amongst some wrapping paper. It has been well worn, but is still in reasonably good shape. The wrapping spread underneath it is obviously supposed to wrap the ball. A homemade card can be seen poking out from underneath the wrapping paper.

2. The football is half in shot, an we can now see more of the table. Bits of discarded paper and sticky tape are sprawled across it. Someone has obviously had a hard time trying to wrap the ball.

3. Rick Grimes sits at the table. His head is bowed, hand on his forehead. Although we cannot see his eyes, we can tell he is looking at the stump on the end of his arm. In front of him is the ball he was trying to wrap. He looks deflated, defeated.

4. A close up of Rick’s face. Most of it is shadowed, his good hand blocking the light. Tears have welled in his eyes, with fresh trails staining each of his cheeks.


I’m sorry.

I'm not sure that I convey it clearly enough, but I wanted to show Rick at a point where he breaks down. Something as simple as wrapping present for his son is made extremely difficult due to the loss of his hand. The "I'm sorry" does not refer to his inability to wrap the gift, but rather a reflection on the limitations that have been put on him. Not only from losing his hand, but from being in the world which they now inhabit.


  1. This is short, sweet, simple, heartbreaking. It would make for the simplest page, and yet mean so much.

    I like this, it's a little more thinned down than our usual arc within a page and it has impact because of it.

  2. Ryan said it all. Very powerful page, Ben.

  3. The single line of dialogue made me wonder, has anyone ever written a page that contained nothing but panel descriptions? No dialogue. No captions. Nothing.

  4. This is brilliant. Like Ryan said, short, sweet and simple. A lot of emotion behind it despite the absense of text. Great stuff, man.


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