Friday, November 12, 2010

Superboy - Catch - Matt Duarte

Superboy in “Catch” by Matt Duarte

Panel 1

Description: Superboy is peeking his head through an open door, he has smile on his face.

SUPERBOY: Hello? This is Superboy. We talked earlier about you joining the Teen Titans?

(OFF-PANEL VOICE): Yes, come in, I’ll be down there in a second.

Panel 2

Description: Superboy is now inside a typical living room. There’s portraits on the walls, a rug on the floor, and a couch. He is turning around, looking surprised, because there is a large shadowy figure behind him, though we can’t see who it is yet.

(CHARACTER): Superboy?

SUPERBOY: Huh? You are not who I was expecting... What’s going on here?!

(CHARACTER): Why don’t you have a seat...

Panel 3

Description: We can now see who the person that was talking to Superboy: it’s Chris Hansen. He is standing, while Superboy sits on the couch, with a worried face.

CHRIS HANSEN: Let me ask you something, Superboy, how old are you exactly?

SUPERBOY: Umm... it’s complicated. I was in a regeneration chamber for thousands of years...

CHRIS HANSEN: And yet you go to high school? And you are a part of the “Teen Titans”? Why do you contact teenagers promising them that they can join your team?

SUPERBOY: Look man, I can explain it, we were talking online and she said she had powers.

Panel 4

Description: Superboy is getting exasperated now, standing in front of Chris Hansen, who maintains a straight face throughout the whole thing.

CHRIS HANSEN: And on top of all that you are the leader of a dangerous religious cult.

SUPERBOY: No, I am not the leader! The cult is just based around me...

CHRIS HANSEN: Whatever you say, Superboy. Boys, cuff him.

Panel 5

Description: Outside of the house. A couple of police officers are carrying Superboy who is handcuffed (with Kryptonite cuffs!) and into a police car. He is shouting as he walks. In the front, Chris Hansen is looking at the reader/camera.

SUPERBOY (shouting): Please, just call my cousin, he’ll vouch for me!

CHRIS HANSEN: And so, another dangerous predator is put away, one that preyed on the hopes and dreams of children everywhere by offering them a place in his team of superheroes.

Panel 6

Description: Just a title credit that says in big font “TO CATCH A SUPER-POWERED PREDATOR” with a smaller caption in the bottom that says “Executive Producers: Chris Hansen and Lex Luthor”.

CHRIS HANSEN (off-panel): Join us next week as we go after an infamous group known for their freak sex orgies and violent ways: you may know them as The Secret Six.

The End


  1. Ah, that crafty Lex, always finding new ways to take down the supers :)

    Is this meant to be like one of those TV shows where they catch out the cheating partners or whatever? That's how I saw it, so if so, good job.

  2. Ahahaahahaha whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

    This is all kinds of innovative plot-wise, and the scripting is brilliant. Very well done!

    @danial youtube "to catch a predator"

  3. Made me laugh. Loved the Lex Luthor credit at the end. Good stuff!

  4. Matt, all I can say is HA! (that's a HA as in I'm laughing). Gret work man.

  5. I'm glad it made people laugh. I had a hard time with this one, to be honest.

    Danial, To Catch a Predator is require watching. Like Max said, google it up. It's a series of stints that a news channel did where they would catch child molesters. Chris Hansen was the host of the show, and he would talk to the molesters directly.


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