Thursday, November 11, 2010

Superboy – This Will Work – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Superboy sits in a chair, his arm slung over the back, a cocky look on his face.
Superboy: So you think this can work?

2. We have panned back to see Superboy at a table. He’s slightly facing to the right of the panel, Damien Wayne is completely facing to the left, he’s in profile.
Voice (op): It’s perfect. You’re a mixture of Superman and Lex Luthor. Brains and brawns.
Voice (op): Damien is descended from the Bat and Ra’s Al Ghul. A blending of diligence, perseverance, and true grit.

3. Damien looks up from his place, a juvenile sneer on his lips.
Damien: What do you bring to the table?

4. We see Kate Kane, the Batwoman, leaning against the table, and she looks sexy as hell, just like usual.
Batwoman: Me? Well, I’m just awesome, little boy.
Batwoman: And I have the resources to bring you two together and a mission you’ll both want to be included in.

5. Batwoman has stood back in dramatic fashion to pull down on a rope, there is a curtain behind her just beginning to part, a blue light starts to come through the gap in the bottom.
Batwoman: Boys, we’re going to solve this riddle.

6. Superboy’s jaw has slipped slightly, Damien Wayne still isn’t facing Batwoman or the mystery. Both are bathed in blue light.
Superboy: I’m in.

7. The panel is the same, though now Superboy just looks intrigued, Damien hasn’t moved.

8. The same again.
Damien: You must have known I was already working on this.
Damien: I’ll let you help me, yes.


  1. I have to say that I love Batwoman, so your interpretation of her as a mentor to the younger version of Supes and Batman is an interesting concept - I like it! I think you've got Damien's voice down, but Batwoman's seems a little too playful. I could see it if she was being Kate Kane - playgirl starlet, but not quite the voice I'd expect from Batwoman.

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for the comment, and I love the avatar.

    I'll take that completely on the chin, I probably was a bit over sassy with Batwoman, I figure she's just using her wily charms to convince these boys to do her bidding.

    Glad you liked the concept, and damien's voice. He really is a blast to write.

  3. I think Batwoman's voice works in context with the scene; she's trying to entice a couple of teeangers, after all. And Damien is great. He is such a great character.

    Cool script, the mystery / mission intrigues me. I want to turn the page / "buy the next issue."

  4. Tell me more! Seriously. What's this "riddle"? I need to know. I hate suspense :)

    Seriously, if I can that that hooked after only one page, then your work here is done, my friend... fine work.

  5. You certainly know how to leave us wanting to see more, Ryan. Great stuff as usual.

  6. Yeah, Ryan, I was really waiting for the reveal, dude - that was CRUEL!

    Would Damien be even cooler if Bruce was his mum and the Joker his dad? Just wondering...

  7. I'm glad the hiding of the good stuff has kept you all wanting more. But you won't be getting it, sorry.

    Rol - Trick questiuon, Damien could not be cooler. Ha.

  8. What a great combination. Without having read any of Damien, I want to after reading this.

    As for the riddle....Alfred did it, right?

  9. Not much I can say that the others haven't already. IT's tight, it pleases me, and it has the voices down pat for them (though yes, Batwoman has a bit much sass, but if you look at her in enough instances she's been shown to be capable of it while costumed). I'm intrigued.

    And most importantly Ryan you've shown that you're as capable as ever instead of letting all the new commenters start outshining us all! FIGHT FOR US! KEEP US LOOKING GOOD!

  10. Damned good idea, bringing Conner and Damien together. I'm amazed it hasn't been done before. If this were an actual issue, I'd turn that page so fast...

  11. I'm not completely sure, but doesn't Superboy have X-ray vision? Or was that just the glasses he had? Because if he really does have x-ray vision, that curtain isn't going to do much good.

    Nice page, Ryan. You are a total tease.


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