Friday, December 10, 2010

Faiza Hussain – At The Centre, Lies The World – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Faiza is sitting back in a chair at a table in a kitchen.
Faiza: You know what I can do, right?
Voice (op): Yes, of course.

2. Doctor Doom stands in front of Faiza, a cup of tea in his hand.
Doom: Do you mean to threaten Doom?
Doom: That would be a drastic and fatal course of action to take, girl.

3. Faiza leans forward, she doesn’t want to waste time with Doom’s posturing.
Faiza: Not what I was intonating, good Doctor.
Faiza: What I wanted to discuss was what we each do with our powers. It’s probably rare that any of us have ever sat down and tried every little combination of what we can do.

4. Doom sits down, sipping his cup.
Doom: I seriously hope there is a point here or I will have missed an opportunity to whip a stablehand for no good reason.
Faiza: Doom, I could rearrange you into a pretty little candelabra, so just pipe down.
Faiza: What I’m saying is, I guess sometimes there are happy little miracles.

5. Faiza is walking towards the kitchen bench.
Faiza: I didn’t think I’d be able to do this.

6. Faiza turns with the point of Excalibur aimed at Doom’s throat.
Faiza: But I’ve unlocked a very old mystery, within this weapon, and your mother is at the heart of it.
Faiza: Care to stop being an arrogant prick long enough for us to help each other?


  1. I'm intrigued about where this idea may be headed, but part of me has a hard time taking it seriously. Mostly on account of how Doom's line in panel 4 reads like a parody of Doom rather than Doom himself.

  2. See, and here I was thinking that Faiza might be the one to fix Doom's face.

  3. Like Matt, I expected this to go one way (the obvious one) so was pleasantly surprised when it didn't.

    The dialogue did seem a little off though Ryan (a surprise, from you). As MK remarks, Doom's line about the stablehand seemed a little too pantomime villain camp... and I couldn't hear Faiza using a word like "intonating"... unless she was mocking Doom.

  4. I figured Faiza was trying to match Doom's dialogue panache with that 'intonating' line. Given the size of Dooms' ego, surely that's what you'd have to do to get your point across...?


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