Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gambit - Into the Oblivion - Sime McDonald

1. Gambit is cradling the body of a young girl as he kicks open the doors of a hospital emergency room. His trademark trench coat is blackened with soot and his leggings are torn. He’s slightly older than the Gambit we know. The girl in his arms is bleeding, her body limp and lifeless. It may already be too late...

The girl was still breathing when Gambit got her to the hospital.


2. Gambit peers into an operating room. The girl has flatlined. Nurses are pulling a sheet over her. The mother – who we cannot clearly see, somewhat obscured by the medical staff – has collapsed onto the floor. A doctor is attempting to help her to her feet.

She wasn’t when her mother arrived.

I’m so sorry...

3. Gambit pounds the wall with his fist, forming cracks. He is a broken man.

For years Gambit had been fighting the darkness of his soul.
The part of his being that Apocalypse had forever tainted.
She had been his strength. His rock. His inspiration.

4. Tight on Gambit. His eyes glow red. His mouth has become a hard line. All that emotion he was feeling in the previous panel is gone. Replaced.

Now, he reached out and embraced it.
5. Gambit steps out into the night, charred coat flapping in the wind.

(off panel)
She’s gone, Remy...
6. The mother is Rogue. She steps out of the OR, cheeks wet with tears. She’s dressed in civvies, and like Remy, has aged.
Our daughter is ...



  1. Simon, this is either the cheapest ploy ever or it is perfectly played. I know what I think, be interested on which side the others fall.

    This whole page is tense, it's harsh, and it's just right. You got more of a noir Gambit than I di, certainly, and you've paced the page well. We don't need the set up this is all about reaction. Golden.

  2. Great tense page, Simon, but I have to ask, do you think Rogue could even have a baby? :P

  3. *ahem* I would've explained that later on in the comic... *cough*

  4. That's a very dramatic script, Simon, and I love the way you got around having to write any Gambit dialogue.

    Interested to know who might be narrating... if anyone?

  5. Great work Sime. I may be simple, but Gambit does revert to his Death persona here, yes? In order to stop feeling the hurt of the death of his daughter?


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