Monday, December 13, 2010

Gambit - La Fin - Ben Rosenthal

1. A badly beaten Gambit is slumped on his knees, in the middle of rubble. His face bruised, swollen and bloody. His fingers and hands are visibly broken.

2. A tighter shot of Gambit’s face as a large hand grabs him by the throat. He doesn’t try to resist.

3. Apocalypse is holding Gambit in front of him, effortlessly. He is staring at Gambit with a look of curiosity, even though an evil smirk lines his face. Gambit appears limp in Apocalypse’s grasp.

Now, allow me show you what it means to bring death

GAMBIT (in a weak voice – he’s obviously dying)
Oh, I remember. *cough*

4. We are looking at Gambit’s face, with Apocalypse’s hand visible has t chokes the remaining life from Gambit. Gambit has a smile on his almost unrecognisable face, his clothes having a light pink shade to them.

Je suit mort. I am now dead...

5. Back to the framing of panel 3, however Gambit now has both hands around the wrist of Apocalypse. Gambit’s clothes is now glowing a bright pink, as he charges them with kinetic energy, as is the metal body armour of Apocalypse.

...and so are you.

6. A mostly white panel, with the etched outline of both Gambit and Apocalypse being torn apart by the explosion.


  1. That would be a nice send-off for Gambit. Though we all know Apocalypse would be reassembled by the next issue.

  2. @Ivan - totally agree. But would it also be the end of Gambit? As his powers are to absorb kenetic energy, would he really die?

    @Danial - cutting room floor my friend. He sounded too much like the 90's cartoon gambit.

  3. Holy Crap, I love the idea of Gambit going out like that. Great script, Ben!

  4. Gambit actually sounds a bit flat here. Surely his last words would have more flair...? You've either matured him or just let him down...I can't decide. I also would have toyed with the idea of having Gambit say he was 'death' instead of 'dead' and probably would have put the final line in a caption box over the final panel instead. Stylistic choices, only, so your decisions are completely fine.

    The concept of the script, however, is pretty good. This is exactly how the good Cajun should go out.

  5. I suppose that's one way to go out with a bang.

  6. I like to think Gambit would survive this :)

  7. Great use of Gambit's whole 'death' stuff, and indeed the sort of near perfect and memorable end to the character.

    Also bonus points for using his more modern voice of non-mangled english combined with occasional drops of french. It'll be a challenge to see if anyone can keep their finger as on the pulse of the character as you've managed.

  8. @MK - I would've liked Spidey to swing by in the last panel and say that.

  9. I could have sworn I left a comment on this yesterday.

    Congrats on writing a dignified and heroic death for him, Ben. I wish I had the power to do the same...


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