Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Joker – Can You Help Me, Doctor? – Ryan K Lindsay

1. The Joker sits across a long table in a dark room. There’s some strange lighting on him coming from the other side of the table, it’s where Dr Phosphorus sits though we can’t see him yet.
Joker: I want you to take over. Aren’t you happy?

2. Dr Phosphorus sits opposite Joker, he’s right down the other end of the table. He’s wearing a shirt with sleeves rolled up and a vest over the top. His burning body glows out the sleeves and the open collar.
Dr Phosphorus: Why the fuck would you want to walk away now and leave me all your stuff?
Dr Phosphorus: You’re about the only clown in this business, no pun intended, who I actually respect and now you’re going, and you’re going to give it all away.

3. Joker smiles.
Joker: I’m not giving it all away.
Joker: There’s always method to my madness.

4. Dr Phosphorus leans back in his seat.
Dr Phosphorus: Forgive me if I don’t see it. Losing traction is always a bad idea; letting others work your gristle and hard work is even worse.
Dr Phosphorus: I don’t get it.

5. Joker stands up, buttons his suit jacket, a grim smile on his lips.
Joker: I’m not giving it away, I’m merely storing it in a safe place.
Joker: I’ve chosen you because I’m absolutely certain if things go sour I can still take everything back from you with minimal muscle.

6. Joker walks over to a girl sitting in the corner, she is in a wheelchair. She doesn't look like a picture of perfect health.
Joker: And rest assured I will be back.
Joker: Business should only take me nine months. Maybe a few extra weeks if I’m feeling happy.

7. Joker walks out of the room, pushing the girl in front of him, we see her cradling her belly like there’s a bubbling bog within her.
Joker: Keep my seat warm, Doctor. I’ll call you if there are any…complications.
Girl: When she comes, I want laughing gas…can I have some?


  1. Baby Joker? That's scary. Loved the laughing gas line. The "fuck" felt out of place in a Batman story though.

  2. The very notion of a baby Joker is terrifying. Can't believe it's an idea that hasn't been toyed with before? Or maybe it has? Either way, creepy as hell! I like this portrayal of Joker, too. No hysterical laughing or jokes, he's just a bloody psycho...

  3. Well written, as usual Ryan. Although I agree with Rol that the 'Fuck' does feel out of place.

    Also, I don;t think the first panel is really needed. I think starting the page on Dr Phosphorus and having the Joker as a reveal would work.


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