Friday, December 31, 2010

The Joker - You Call This Insanity? - Matt Duarte

The Joker in “You Call This Insanity?” by Matt Duarte

Seven panels in this page, the first six in a normal two by three grid, with the last panel being small and wide across the page.

Panel 1

Description: Ra’s al Ghul is talking with one of his soldiers inside a big cave. Ra’s looks a bit concerned and with a curious look on his face. In the background, we can see a Lazarus Pit that is bubbling, as if there were someone inside.

SOLDIER: ...and that’s when we contacted you sir, before we approached the intruder.

RA’S AL GHUL: And you said all the guards were killed?

SOLDIER: Affirmative, sir. They are all dead.

RA’S AL GHUL: So it is not the Detective. It must be someone else...

Panel 2

Description: Ra’s is now standing defiantly next to the Lazarus Pit and shouting. Inside of it, there is a man submerged.

RA’S AL GHUL: To trespass my property and kill my men is the gravest of insults. Stop hiding, come out, and face me. The Demon’s Head is the last thing you shall ever see, I guarantee it.


Panel 3

Description: The Joker’s head is emerging out of the Lazarus pit, the liquid just reaching his chin, with a huge grin.

JOKER: Oh, Razzie! A game of hide and seek? You KNOW I am always up for that?

Panel 4

Description: Ra’s reaction face of shock and surprise at the man who has just come out of the pit. Meanwhile, Joker is swimming leisurely in the pit.

RA’S AL GHUL: Joker? Why are you here?

JOKER: I was bored.

Panel 5

Description: The Joker is now floating comfortably on his back in the Lazarus Pit. Ra’s is still standing next to it, with his back to the reader.

JOKER: You know, Razzie, I was expecting an eight alarm chili of insanity from an infamous Lazarus Pit, but this is more like a mild Tabasco sauce.

Panel 6

Description: Joker is now walking out of the Lazarus pit. He is wearing a set of Batman swimming trunks.

JOKER: I have to say, immortality is quite refreshing though!

Panel 7

Description: The Joker is now grabbing Ra’s, with one of his arms around his shoulder. He is extending the other one directly at the reader with his palm open. As always, he is grinning maniacally, while Ra’s has a look on his face as if he would want nothing else but to kill The Joker.

JOKER: SO! Razzie, I think I’m going to start coming here on the weekends. You don’t mind right? We’ll make great neighbors!

JOKER: Oh, and don’t put any more guards, I’ll just have to kill them again.


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  1. Love it, Matt. Especially the trunks.

    It's been a great week.

  2. Great work Matt. Loved this one. Nailed the Joker.


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