Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Profile - Risk Assessment - Rol Hirst

Panel One.

The Profile is waiting in the plush reception of Tony Stark's latest company, Stark Resilient. A secretary in her 40s smiles at him from behind her desk. Her profile reads: “Bored housewife, likes Tom Selleck movies and Nick Cave, still a go-er. Would give her right arm for one night with the boss.”

Secretary: You can go through now, sir. Mr. Stark will be with you shortly.

The Profile: Thank you, Susan.

Panel Two.

The Profile walks into a huge, luxurious penthouse office. The window shows a vast panorama of New York city.

CAP (The Profile): Usually when I take a case, I like to know who’s hired me… but when it's just a straightforward read - and the money’s this good…

Panel Three.

Still standing, the Profile turns as he hears a voice behind him.

CAP (The Profile): …I’m prepared to take a flyer.

Stark (off-panel): So, what can I do for you, Mr… Rockwell, wasn’t it?

Panel Four.

Tony Stark steps forward and offers a handshake. The Profile looks distressed as he tries to get a read on this man… he’s being bombarded with masses of information, more than he’s ever received from one person before, much of it contradictory. Stark’s profile fills the page around them, concentric circles bleeding off the panel: “American citizen, Russian aristocrat, Founding member of the Avengers, Common criminal, Never been in trouble with the law, Liar, Thief, Kind to small animals, Wanted in 27 countries, Fearless newspaper editor, President of the USA, Serial killer, Strangles kittens, Married to a super-model, Coffee shop barista, Lone bachelor, Family man, Psychopath, Gigolo, Arachnophobe, Crusading reporter, TV star, Eats sushi only on Thursdays…”

The Profile: I… yeah, I mean… Rockwell is my… er...

CAP (The Profile): What’s… what’s going on? So much... can’t process… can't...

Panel Five

The Profile collapses while Stark stands watching, his hand now reaching up to touch his head… tugging at his hair as he starts to pull off his ultra-realistic face mask. Meanwhile, Stark’s profile continues to explode in the air around him. “Hunter of men, super-scientist, Soviet double agent, Hates sushi, Plays guitar in Bon Jovi, Unemployed photographer, Substitute teacher, Illuminati member, College drop-out, War hero, New York Crime Lord, Reformed alcoholic, Mentally unstable, Kidnapper, George Clooney’s stunt double, Murderer, Sous chef, Web designer, Good looking man about town…"

The Profile: Who the hell… are you…?

Stark: Someone who just had to be sure…

Panel Six.

Stark pulls off his mask completely to reveal he’s actually… The Chameleon. He stands over the fallen body of the Profile, looking blank-faced but victorious. The Profile is wide-eyed (his glasses have fallen off) and dribbling - a basket case.

Chameleon: …you didn’t pose me any kind of threat, "Profile"...

Chameleon: That's why I asked you here today.


  1. Man, I wouldn't have even thought of Chameleon as a potential foil for The Profile, well done!

    As for the scripting... It's tight, it works, it pleases me. I have nothing negative to say. and that scares me.

  2. Nice, this is a good pairing for this character, and would make for a visually fantastic page, I think. Great stuff, as per, Rol.

  3. Man, that was great, Rol. You never disappoint. Considering the reaction he had upon seeing the "new" Moon Knight in Shock and Awe, I have no doubt that seeing the Chameleon would leave him in a catatonic state. Nice work!

    P.S. Loved the Mr Rockwell bit too ;)

  4. This is brilliant. Just great stuff again from you, Rol. I'd love to read more, see where this set-up goes.


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