Friday, December 10, 2010

The Profile - What Others Are, What I Am - Ryan K Lindsay

1. Profile stands before Captain America, Cap’s fists are clenched, Profile’s hand holds a lady’s handbag.
Around Cap we get the following reads:
is perfect but knows he’s not perfect, always flosses, surprisingly worries about grey hairs, consummate gentleman, only listens to music from 1967 and before, awkwardly adopting boxer briefs, once used his shield as a pillow
Caption: Meeting someone like Captain America is boring.
Caption: And you only leave feeling worse about yourself. That’s the ideal he spreads, that you aren’t good enough.

2. Profile is on his knees before Power Man and Iron Fist on a rooftop. Rain is drizzling down.
Around Power Man we see the following reads:
strives for more but will accept slightly less, loves Jessica unconditionally, doesn’t mind that he misses chasing the old capes, once beat up a car, is considering getting a tattoo of a golden tiara somewhere on his arm, carries a lucky comb in his back pocket at all times, once beat up a dog, never carries money
Around Iron Fist we get the following reads:
doesn’t miss a day to think of his parents, hates spiders, doesn’t miss a day to do a thousand crunches, wonders what he’d look like with long hair and a beard, knows he’ll always come back to Misty, favours his left foot for kicking
Above them both we see a big read, in pretty colours, that reads:
true brotherhood
Caption: Then you meet a duo like this and you suddenly feel alone.

3. Profile is running from Wolverine. Logan stands with his claws out and his trademark jacket and hat on.
Around Wolverine we see the following reads:
what he does isn’t very nice, has killed before, will kill for what he knows is right, will kill because he knows you’re wrong, probability of killing today: 78%, will only punch you for drinking light beer, is the best there is at what he does, keeps the pickles on his burgers
Caption: Murdering psychos like this lunatic make you want to be alone.

4. Profile sits amongst the trash of an alley in Hell’s Kitchen. We see a shadowy figure of Daredevil walking away.
His reads are faint but we can make out:
loves Elektra, loves Karen, loves Dakota, loves too much, hates himself
Caption: But eventually you see that there’s always someone worse than you.
Caption: And maybe you should start to do some good with what you can do.


  1. Interesting.

    Surely, it would be pretty difficult for Luke Cage to get a tattoo, wouldn't it?

  2. Yeah, loved it. Would be interested to see how this would look drawn.

  3. This was loads of fun, Ryan. I loved the various reads - I could have read one for every character in the Marvel Universe.

    Another sneaky DD tribute script too... well done.


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