Sunday, December 19, 2010

Santa Claus – Be Vigilant – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Thomas Halloway, The Angel, stands at his bar inside his mansion in the den; he is pouring two short scotches. A fire is crackling softly in the background.
Halloway: You cannot be serious. I’m sure you are aware how preposterous this all sounds.

2. Halloway is turning with his two drinks. We can see part of a figure in a chair but we only see their arm. The arm is in a nice suit sleeve, the hand dangles over the arm rest. This is Jólnir.
Jólnir: It might seem strange to you, but as someone who has lived for eons I can assure you much stranger has taken place over time.
Jólnir: My tale is peculiar but not unusual.

3. Halloway is handing his drink across, Jólnir is still obscured.
Halloway: Peculiar or unusual, I still doubt it is true.
Jólnir: You will see soon enough, just remember...

4. We finally see Jólnir in the seat. He looks rather refined, his beard is large but neat, his eyes wise. His suit is respectable.
Jólnir: I have been many names in my existence, Síðgrani, Síðskeggr, Langbarðr, but the one you need know for now is Jólnir.
Jólnir: My power is split and someone else is using it.
Jólnir: There are safeguards to such abuse but they have not been placed into effect yet.

5. Closer up on Halloway’s face.
Halloway: What would you have me do?

6. Namor comes crashing through the window, snow drifting down behind him. This is an iconic villain Namor moment, he looks ripped, angry, powerful. We can see in his hand a very familiar hammer, but with no inscription on the side. Jólnir is in panel as well.
Jólnir: Be vigilant.
Namor: Old friend, I would have words with thee.


In Norse mythology, the figures of Odin and Santa are often close in comparison. They looked the same, could act the same, and often shared names. It's most interesting to note that Odin was called many names in Skaldic poetry but one that stands out is the name of Jólnir which means Yule figure. I found this in simple research and had to act upon it.

Sadly, I didn't get to mention Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse Jólnir rides. He must be parked on Halloway's roof.


  1. You actually made Santa an intuiging character. I actually want to read more about Santa. Wow.

    Fantastic job, Ryan. How much research went into this script?

  2. @Ben - not as much research as you might think. A bit of Wiki here and there always helps, then you just take it and run with it. Thanks for thr kind words, much appreciated.

  3. Unfortunately, I don't quite get it. Is Santa stealing Odin's power?

  4. @Danial - throughout history Odin and Santa have certainly had some ties to each other. There are similarities and one of Odin's names was Jolnir which means Yule Figure. I decided to marry that and posit a Marvel U where Mjolnir has just been made but anyone can lift it, and it's ended up on Earth, and Namor has it. But is he really using it for bad?

  5. Great use of research to reveal a powerful, intriguing script.

    I would have liked more 8-legged horses though. You can never get enough 8-legged horses.

  6. Man, this script is awesome . Completely warped my own perception of Santa. Nice stuff, this is the kind of script I'd love to read more of.


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