Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why Faiza Hussain?

Because I love to give my fellow ThoughtBallooners a good challenge!

Now, don't get me wrong, writing Faiza should be hard enough as it is. She is a relatively new character, also going by the code name of Excalibur, in the pages of Captain Britain & MI:13. She has the power to control the parts of  living organisms with extreme efficiency, which comes real handy since she is also a doctor. On top of that, she is also the wielder of the mythic Excalibur sword. 

But wait, there's more!

A few weeks ago, Paul Cornell, the creator of Faiza, put out a call for fan fiction of characters he has created, and that he would share it with all his readers over at his blog. So that means that all entries this week will be read by Cornell (as long as the writer wants to share it with him by sending him a link to it, make sure to read the rules outlined in the previous link if you want to participate at home). Is that challenging enough for you?


  1. Biological Warfare by MK Stangeland Jr.

    For reference, the GIANT-MAN in this script is the Hank Pym version, in accordance with his upcoming switch in Avenger Academy. The UPDs are “Ultron Proxy Drones”, designed to allow Ultron a loophole through which to get around his self-banishment to ultraspace.

    (4 Panels)

    Panel 1: Panel should make use of the top third to half of the page. GIANT-MAN, PETE WISDOM, CAPTAN BRITAIN, FAIZA HUSSAIN, and the present MI:13 agents attempt to react to the surprise attack from the UPDs.

    GIANT-MAN increases his size to counter the LARGE UPD that is backing up the main swarm.

    CAPTAIN BRITAIN takes to the air as he charges towards the robots.

    WISDOM opens fire with a pair of “hot knives” that hit a couple of UPDs.

    FAIZA begins to draw her sword as she begins to charge towards the robots.

    The MI:13 agents open fire with their guns.

    GIANT-MAN: Excalibur, you need to get out of here!

    Panel 2: FAIZA stabs a UPD through the face as the two reach each other.

    FAIZA: Run away? I don’t think so.

    SFX: shkrunk!

    Panel 3: GIANT-MAN punches the LARGE UPD. A few of the smaller UPDs are attempting to climb up his legs.

    GIANT-MAN: Ultron has been after you for one reason only, and we cannot risk what might happen if he succeeds!

    SFX: Klang!

    Panel 4: CAPTAIN BRITAIN swings a UPD by the legs to clear some of the robots that were trying to overwhelm FAIZA’s position. FAIZA swings her sword to cut one robot in half diagonally from shoulder to waist. In the background, WISDOM is shooting a pair of “hot knives” at off-panel targets.

    SFX: (From UPD being cut apart by FAIZA) shkcrling!

    SFX: (From CAPTAIN BRITAIN’s attack.) Klank! Klunk! Crlank!

    CAPTAIN BRITAIN: He’s right, Excalibur! You have to look at the bigger picture here.

    End Page

  2. I think you meant all Paul's "readerS", Matt - I'm sure he has more than one. ;-)

    MK - I like how you didn't spell out Ulton's goals and let it to the reader to work out using their knowledge of the characters - although you would need to do this at some point were you to write a full script. Always keep new readers in the loop.

  3. Yeah, I know. And actually, if this were part of a full comic, his goal would have already been laid out on one of the two pages previous to this one (following at least one or two previous failed attacks which would be more along the lines of how this page comes across in letting the reader have an opportunity to try to figure it out on their own)

    I actually went through a number of versions of my idea of using Ultron as the antagonist, all of which would have been pages that more or less would have come from the same story/story arc. But eventually, especially after reading what Matt came up with, this just came across as the best moment to write out.

    The whole plot is probably the fullest yet in how I thought out the story surrounding the page I wrote for her.

  4. It's a really clever pairing considering Ultron's history and his usual goals... he'd be pretty much unstoppable if he somehow got control of Faiza's power.

  5. It was a surprisingly easy idea to come to. When I read that her power is control of living organisms, my mind quickly went to 'robots' (since they would be an obvious weakness of hers), and from there Ultron became too irresistible an option to use against her somehow.

    And considering he's certain to make a return to the scene sooner or later, I'd love it if someone at Marvel were able to make the same connections.

  6. Just a kind reminder to everyone that if you want Paul Cornell to read your entry, you should either send him a link on Twitter or email it to him to before the 15th.


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