Sunday, December 19, 2010

Why Santa Claus?

Because it is Christmas time.

As a kid, I always loved when Santa was included in a comic or TV show. It’s goofy and dumb but nearly always enjoyable. I thought in this week-long build up to Xmas it wouldn’t hurt to have a bit of goofy, dumb fun around here.

I think you can just about do anything with Santa because he’s not an entity so clearly defined. He’s different from country to country, and can be from household to household within the one neighbourhood. You make of Santa what you will, so long as you believe. He can be powerful, sweet, misguided, terrible, whatever you like can be projected onto the jolly red fat man.

Hell, if you want to put someone else in the suit that’s just as cool. A Venom Santa, or Wilson Fisk in the suit, the possibilities are truly endless. But hopefully, they’re all fun.

I am extremely excited to see how my fellow tenures handle this character and ring in the new year. A Santa for every genre.

So, Merry Xmas to all, and to all a good script.


  1. ARGH! Thanks for stealing my joke Ryan. Ah well, let's go to the back up

    *grumble grumble*

    Oh, and why is the Hulk flying in that "Giant Superhero Holiday Gang Bang" comic. Wait, what?

  2. It's certainly going to be an interesting week :)

  3. "A Christmas Mystery"


    Long horizontal panels at beginning and end. 3 panels in middle.

    1) Long shot of Santa's Grotto. Various CSI techs doing their job. Detective Vance approaches Detective Simons.

    VANCE: (v.small) Darn.

    2) Over Vance's shoulder. Simons has turned to notice Vance. Simons has a grim look on his face.

    VANCE: What's the sitch?

    3) Simons and Vance facing each other, medium shot.

    SIMONS: Someone's kidnapped Santa Claus, Frank.

    4) Over Simons' shoulder. Vance is outraged.

    VANCE: Who would do such a horrible thing?

    SIMONS: Well, we got something of a clue on that...

    5) Long panel. Vance on the far left from the chest up, looking horrifically surprised. On the far right, Simons' arm holds up a clear evidence bag with an Easter egg in it.


  4. How Dr. Dinosaur Stole Christmas By MK Stangeland Jr.

    (3 Panels)

    Panel 1: ATOMIC ROBO stands on an overlook above the main chamber of the base. The wreckage from the door he just destroyed is in the background. The eyes of ROBO’s face shows that he has a very good idea who’s behind the situation, and is very displeased and annoyed by it.

    ATOMIC ROBO: Oh, no…

    Panel 2: Large panel. Angle is situated behind ATOMIC ROBO as he looks down on the cavern.

    The base is very much one designed and built by DR. DINOSAUR, and it has a rather festive theme to it. In addition to all the normal assorted science equipment and devices, there are also a number of robot elves scattered around the base. On one end is a flying machine built to look like a sled, complete with nine robot reindeer hooked up in front of it.

    DR. DINOSAUR: (Off Panel.) Yes! Look upon my genius!

    Panel 3: ATOMIC ROBO has begun to look over his shoulder to where DR. DINOSAUR is standing behind him. ROBO's eyes show a look of annoyed and determined-fueled anger. He reaches for his sidearm.

    DR. DINOSAUR is armed with a high-tech crystal-powered weapon that is aimed at ATOMIC ROBO. In addition to his goggles, he is also wearing a Santa hat and coat. A loosely-hung beard below his mouth completes the image.

    DR. DINOSAUR: Behold my mastery of your feeble mammal holiday! Soon, all the foolish Santa-worshiping mammals of the world will obey me as their god!

    ATOMIC ROBO: Death is far too good a fate for you.

    End Page

  5. @MK: Have you been watching Futurama lately? :P

  6. A Christmas Crow – Michael Murray

    Panel 1- Plastic man is standing next to Santa with his hands on his hips, in the typical super hero stance; Santa is intrigued with his hand stroking his beard.

    Plastic man: I can change into any shape and fit into any space… pretty impressive right?

    Santa: It certainly is Eel; you are quite the master…

    Panel 2- Plastic man is in a similar pose except he’s flipping s coin with his other hand. Plastic man has a “too cool for school” expression on his face. Santa is now standing next to a small chimney.

    Plastic man: so what’s your talent Cringle? You can make a turkey disappear in a flash?

    Santa: well actually Mr. O’Brian, I’m a contortionist of sorts myself…

    Plastic man: …..o really?

    Panel 3- Same panel except now Plastic man is staring at Santa with a questioning gaze. Santa is now standing next to the chimney AND a large sack of toys.

    Santa: yes actually, now if you’ll excuse me I have to get back to work and deliver these toys to the children in this house

    Plastic man: …how you gunna get in the house without them noticing?

    Santa: well through the chimney of course..

    Panel 4-Plastic man Is hunched over in laughter. Santa is now standing on top of the Chimney with the large sack of toys over his shoulder, he is un-amused.

    Plastic man: HAHAHAHA o man, thank you Santa I haven’t laughed that hard in a while…

    Santa: I haven’t made a joke Mr. O’Brian..
    Plastic man: …and lemme guess you’re gonna bring that huge bag of crap down with you…


    Panel 5- Same panel except Santa has disappeared except for the puff on the top of his hat sticking out of the chimney as he goes down…

    Plastic man: HAHAHA o man Cringle your delusional if you think you can….

    Panel 6 - Same pose but now starring at the chimney eyes bugged out, jaw dropped to the floor like a fox in one of the 40s cartoons. A crow flies by

    Panel 7 – Plastic man is now standing slouched over with the tail feathers of the bird popping out of his mouth, loose feathers slowly fall to the ground….

  7. JD, MK and Michael - loads of fun, I smiled at every script. I'm almost feeling festive now.


  8. @Michael: You could have also used The Flash, with Santa saying how he travels to billions of houses in only 24hrs :P

  9. @JD - that was pretty funny, simple, effcetive, just right for one page. Well in, mate.

    MK - from what Robo I have read, you hit that tone just right. It feels like fun, just right for yuletide highjinks.

    @Michael - you work that saying pretty well - very goofy page and I like it. Thanks!

  10. thanks guys, i love Plastic man so much, but the flash was a good idea Danial


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