Monday, January 31, 2011

Batman Inc – Hostile Takeover - Ben Rosenthal

1. A close up of a pair of eyes. They look alert.

You really thought you could pull this off?

2. A large room which looks to be an office. We are looking down at Bruce Wayne, who is dressed in a business suit. His fists are raised. It was his eyes in the previous panel.

Honestly, did you think we wouldn’t find out?

3. Same as Panel 2, however pulled back to see that Bruce is surrounded by the costumed members of Batman Inc. Dick Grayson as Batman is the most visible.

Bruce, we need to talk.


  1. So, the other branded heroes don't want to be diluted out of the water...?

    Is there going to be a battle of the Bat Family?

  2. Short and sweet, love it!
    I think, quite possibly, something similar may eventuate towards the end of the Batman Inc. arc.

  3. What th--!?

    What has Bruce DONE?

    Would I know if I'd read Batman Inc. or does the truth only exist in Ben's mind?

    The fact that I so desperately need to know the answers says it all.

  4. It's about time someone did an intervention on Bruce!

  5. Simple and straightforward. As already mentioned, this page really gets the reader into it, begging them to turn the page and discover what Bruce Wayne thought he could (and probably did) pull off.

    Well done!


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