Sunday, January 30, 2011

Batman Inc. - Tilting at Windmills - Matt Duarte

Batman Inc. Presents “Tilting at Windmills” by Matt Duarte

This page is five panels, the first three are small and on their own column. The next two are tall, like 2/3rds of the page, and next to each other.

Panel 1

Description: Bruce Wayne sits in the bat cave in front of the computers, still wearing the Batman armor, though without the cowl. He has just gotten there, though he surely is planning to leave soon. Behind him, Alfred is walking into view.

ALFRED: Evening, master Bruce. I trust your trip to Spain was a productive one?

BRUCE WAYNE: Hidalgo has proven more than capable of handling his region.

Panel 2

Description: Bruce has turned around to face Alfred now. There is a smile on his face.

BRUCE: He’s young, idealistic, and impulsive but ready and eager to fight for the greater good. Does that remind you of anyone?

ALFRED: I could think of one or two men I have known that fit that archetype, yes.

Panel 3

Description: Bruce Wayne is now putting on his Batman mask. Walking away, with Alfred in the background.

ALFRED: I trust he is not going to start tilting at windmills when he grows bored, will he?

BRUCE: Funny you should say that...

Panel 4

Description: Here we have Hildago, who is a new character, riding a motorcycle (think The Guardian) with a shield on his back and a large jousting spear on his arm. He is wearing grey metallic armor from the 16th century (see reference) except it has a large Batman symbol on the chest. Behind him Batman is also riding a bike. It’s a relatively empty mountain road.

BRUCE (CAPTION): We had a situation while I was there. An old ghost coming back.

Panel 5

Description: Seen from the top of an industrial wind engine (see reference). There is a fat man on top of it, looking down at the two bikes approaching the place. All around him, there are explosives, and he is holding a detonator in his hand.

BRUCE (CAPTION): A former ally gone awry, actually.

Next: A quixotic quest featuring the Batman of Castilla-La Mancha!


  1. "Lord of La Mancha" is now playing in my head. Nicely done. :-P

  2. I don't get the line, "I trust he is not going to start to tilting at windmills when he grows bored". Is that a Batman in-joke? Also,"start to tilting" sounds... off :/

    P.S. Sorry if I'm sounding negative lately. It's not intentional. I just get flustered when I don't understand something :)

  3. @Danial: Woops, there's an extra "to" in there. I'll fix that now.

    And it's Don Quixote joke.

  4. @Matt: Ah, ok, I've never read that :)

  5. I feel like I'm missing something by not knowing the Quixote tale.

    Otherwise, I like this page and am happy you created something new here, Matt.

  6. We had an English teacher who pronounced Quixote "Kwix-oat".

    This just felt right, Matt, like it would fit exactly with what Morrison's trying to do in that book. (From what I've read.)

  7. @Ryan/Danial: The protagonist of Don Quixote is an idealistic and noble individual, perhaps too much so for his own health. I thought it was a nice parable between him and Bruce Wayne.


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