Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ben Reilly - Return - Ben Rosenthal

1. We are looking down on a cell. Half of the cell is bathed in bright light, while half appears to be in darkness. We can see a faint outline of a bed, and a table. On the table is a large glass of water, with a glass. On the light side are some shabby rags in a pile. There is also a table with a large glass of water on it, however the water inside is visibly dirty. A single figure sits towards the back of the cell, knees pulled up to his chest. His arms are holding his legs, his head face down, resting on his knees. He is dressed in rags. An IV drip hangs from his arm, with enough length on it to surmise that this person could move around freely with it still attached. The IV drip goes into the wall.

REILLY (Caption)
A fight. Black. This cell.

REILLY (Caption)
Norman did it. Caught me by surprise. Replaced me with another clone, and killed it. Everyone thinks I’m dead. Peter...

2. A close up of the man, his head raised. It is a severely thin and malnourished Ben Reilly. His blonde hair has grown out and been hastily cut, with the original brown hair grown in its place. He once again looks identical to Peter (besides the severely thin and malnourished part).

REILLY (Caption)
May as well be...

REILLY (Caption)
I AM the clone. Norman told me that. Repeatedly.

3. Reilly is standing up, the best as he can. His gaunt frame almost folds under its own weight.

REILLY (Caption)
No way to think. Too weak to keep trying to escape. Just have to survive. Thirsty.

4. Reilly’s hand is touching the glass in the white.

5. Reilly being electrocuted, due to touching the glass of water on the light side of the cell.

REILLY (Caption)

6. Reilly looking towards the dark side of the cell. His face is that of a broken man.

REILLY (Caption)
I’m only the clone. It won’t matter. Just...just so tired.

7. Reilly walks into the dark side of the cell from the light.

Sorry, Peter.

GREEN GOBLIN (off panel)


  1. You're really going at this "Norman Osborn is a gigantic jerk" angle, aren't you?

  2. Are you in a dark place at the moment, Ben?

  3. So, is Ben becoming the latest villain for Spidey? If so, that's a pretty cool idea.

    I like the concept of this page, just wished you had played up the duality a little more. Maybe alternating angles, or something...

  4. @MK - I love Norman. He is a gigantic, homicidal jerk, and I love him for it.

    @Danial - Well, I did get the idea by thinking like Norman. It's pretty dark in there.

    @Ryan - Got it in one. Not any villian - Ben Reilly, the NEW Green Goblin (being controlled by Norman, of course).

    It's been stated that Norman want(ed) Peter to take up the mantle of the Green Goblin, drugging him at one stage in an attempt to sway his subconcious. He even did the light/dark thing to Peter, however Peter was able to reject it (although he did almost succumb).

    I figured that Norman would logically try the next best thing - Peter's clone.

    Plus, I feel it would be a great way to bring Ben back in. Have Peter battle the Goblin for a bit, eventually find out who he is, then try and win him back. Once he eventually does, Ben would seek redemption, etc.

  5. Oh, and Ryan - I wasn;t really going for a duality thing. Was just supposed to be Ben finally breaking down, giving in to Norman's torture. He has been there for a very long time, and suffered that whole time.

    Intersting that you saw a duality theme in there. Makes me think that perhaps I could have thrown some of it in there....

  6. I'm glad I didn't read this before writing my own script, because then I really would have been stuck for an idea. As it is, my own effort involves a similar resurrection (what else can you do with a dead character? I hate writing stories entirely in flashback) but a completely different twist. Not half as good as the twist you came up with though, Ben... man, that's cool.


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