Monday, January 17, 2011

Ben Reilly – Slowly Losing My Fidelity – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Peter Parker stands above Ben Reilly’s grave, his shoulders are slumped. This angle will be kept for the next 6 panels.
Caption: There are so many things to be said.

2. Peter looks over his shoulder, at us, to the bushes behind him. He obviously sees nothing out of the ordinary.
Caption: Yet silence seems to say the most.

3. Peter walks past the gravestone, lays a hand on it as he goes.
Peter: Rest still…brother.

4. A man walks out from the bush, we only see the back of his head, with a hat like The Goon wears, Parker is further away in the distance.
Caption: I must talk to this man. My family.

5. The man has walked further out, we can see his body outline, nothing specific, a long coat, gloves.
Caption: But not yet. Not today.

6. The man has turned back around and we see his face, it’s almost like it’s melted, this guy isn’t alright at all, he’s a smudge of humanity.
Caption: Never today.
Caption: Fact – When copying from a master you can be assured of a percentage of quality. When copying from a copy you lose fidelity in each generation.


  1. Like it Ryan. A simple piece, with a somewhat disturbing ending. It would be interesting if this new character was Kaine's opposite (in a different way to what Reilly is).

  2. Nice page. I loved the line "smudge of humanity". I'm not sure the "fact" holds true any more in this digital age, but seeing as the clone saga is from the 90's, I'll let it slide ;)

  3. Oh, Ryan I forgot to there a slight Cassanova influence here? (Only as I just read #1)

  4. Yeah, it's a pity Ryan couldn't have shoehorned that 'smudge of humanity' line into the actual copy. It's too good to waste in a panel description.

    Another clone would have to find a way to differentiate himself from Ben, Kaine et al. It'd be interesting to see which way this one went.


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