Friday, January 28, 2011

Doctor Strange - Blood Magic - Matt Duarte

Doctor Strange in “Blood Magic” by Matt Duarte

This page is six panels, Panels 1 and 2 are square and of the same size, in the first row. Panels 3 and 4 are wide and across the page. Panel 5 and 6 are the same size and shape as the first two.

Panel 1

Description: Doctor Strange is sitting in the middle of a round table, with the New Avengers. He is talking, the center of attention, and looks very serious.

DR. STRANGE: Magic is governed by a set of rules, as old as the universe itself. To prevent exploitation, no mortal but the Sorcerer Supreme has full knowledge of them.

DR. STRANGE: The most paramount rule to all magical beings is this: to grant something, you must get something in return.

Panel 2

Description: Doctor Strange has stood up. He is gesturing with his hands, explaining the situation.

DR. STRANGE: Demons are the most likely to enter in such pacts. They like to play with mortals, offering magical deals to people in return of powerful and unique possessions.

Panel 3

Description: A round-the-table shot, where we can see Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, & Iron Fist. Doctor Strange is on the right of the panel, he has just walked behind them all, and the speech bubbles trail behind him on top of the characters.

DR. STRANGE (speech above Spider-Man): Demons might want the life of a loved one...

DR. STRANGE (speech above Luke Cage): A first borne child...

DR. STRANGE (speech above Ms. Marvel): Your hand in marriage...

DR. STRANGE (speech above Iron Fist): Perhaps something as simple as a physical challenge.

Panel 4

Description: Strange is now standing next to a window inside the mansion, looking outside. The group is looking in his direction, puzzled.

DR. STRANGE: The point is that they ask for something that exists in limited quantities, or else they would not bother with it. Even blood magic, which is a quite common, yet powerful, technique. People can only sacrifice so much blood before they die and the deal is null.

Panel 5

Description: Wolverine is sitting in another chair, separated from the rest. He is very grumpy, as if he had just woken up hungover.

WOLVERINE: Thanks for the lesson, Strange, but get to point, would ya? Why did you want us all here?

DR. STRANGE (off panel): Logan, trust me, you want to pay attention. This involves your son.

Panel 6

Description: A shot of Daken. He is sitting in a pool of blood, surrounded by candles. There is a clearly open wound in his chest, and he is opening another one with one of his blades. He is glowing slightly with a orange/red aura around him. There is al smirk in his face.

DR. STRANGE (caption) : It seems that Daken, thanks to his regenerative powers, has found a loophole with blood magic.

DR. STRANGE (caption): And in his quest for power, he has broken one of the fundamental rules of magic.

NEXT: Blood! Sex! Sugar! Magic!


  1. Nice one, Matt. I really liked how you personalised the tale to each character. It was a nice touch.

  2. I personally find it funny how as I was reading through, I first got the impression that he had plans to use Wolverine's Healing Factor to exploit a loophole, only to be caught off-guard in discovering that no, he was warning that Daken was doing that exact same thing and that the results are unlikely to be good.

  3. Strong and intriguing set up, Matt, and like Danial I liked the way you tied it into continuity so well.

    I'm not sure something can be "most paramount" though... is that not one of those words, like unique, which can't be modified any further? I may be wrong. (I usually am.)

  4. Glad you guys liked it. To be honest, this felt more like a "New Avengers" script than a solo Dr. Strange one, which is not what I was originally going for.

    Rol: Yeah, you are probably right about paramount.

  5. I think you may be worrying about the whole New Avengers angle of it. Sure, it may incorporate them heavily, but Dr. Strange is still the key central character in the script. Plus, seeing how the New Avengers have traditionally seemed to have strong ties to Dr. Strange, I wouldn't say their inclusion here feels forced or out of place at all.

    In fact, given the big opening arc the current New Avengers volume had, I'd say that what you have here could reasonably fit in with what Bendis has been writing if it had a few touches here or there.


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