Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doctor Strange - You Know You've Got (Casey's) Soul - Max Barnard

The Premise: Whoop whoop, that's the sound of a tease reminding the world about the events of Mark Waid and Emma Rios' Strange limited series (which is STILL, by the way, one of the most heartbreaking comics of all time) and the current situation poor Casey Kinmont is STILL stuck in.

Of interest script-wise, this is another instance where it occurs to me that outside of the constraints of a single page the final panel would totally be a one-page splash. Perhaps this occurring more than once for me is some sort of commentary on decompressed storytelling. Or I'm cheating and fitting it into a metaphysical SUPER-PAGE! Who knows.


Page 1 - 6 Panels

Stephen Strange (in his current 'costume' of... a suit) is in a darkened room, swirls of coloured magical mist surrounding him. He is in deep meditation, sweating slightly from focusing on a fiery orb in front of him, the orb itself being Casey Kinmont's soul.

Caption: It has been some time, and more effort than can possibly be known by lesser minds.

Stephen's eyes have snapped open, revealing them to be quite red and teary. Despite this, he has a slight smile on his face.

Caption: But I've finally found her.

Stephen waves his hand and summons Larry, the furry demonic beast, from the ether.

Stephen: Larry! Larry, my boy, I've found her! I know where she is!

Close-up on Larry as he folds his arms and raises what probably count as his eyebrows.

Larry: Casey? Where's she at, doc?

A close two-shot of Strange shaking Larry lightly in mad glee as he explains his discovery.

Stephen: Where else? Who else? Who would make sure to keep someone so important to me at a distance? It's simple...

We find ourselves in the surreal abyss that is the Dread Dormammu's realm, full of abstract shapes and mystical lights. Attached to a large parallelogram by some mystical chains is the beat-up and barely functioning body of Casey Kinmont, looking barely any different to when we last saw her in STRANGE, save for the lack of her glasses. Next to her on an ornate throne is the Dread Dormammu, drinking from a large goblet and laughing heartily to himself.

Caption: Dormammu has her!

Caption: ... to be continued


  1. I've yet to read the latest Strange mini-series, so I don't know who Casey is, but I really loved this page.

    I think that if you lost Panel 4, and incorporated Larry's dialogue into Panel 3, then you could still have the last panel as a half-page splash, which would still do it justice.

  2. I too was a big fan of Waid's Strange and would love to see a sequel. You did an excellent job of setting one up here, Max.

    I often find when I writing these strips that the last panel would work better as a splash page... but as we're only allowed the one, I usually ask myself What Would Stan Do?


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