Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dr Strange – The Doctor With The Weapon In The Royal Throne Room – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Strange is yelling at us, this panel is wide and thin.
Strange: For heaven’s sake, man up!
Strange: Attack me with more might than you’ve ever dreamed!

2. This can look like a continuation of the first panel, if you like, the first being Strange’s head and shoulders, this panel simply being his hands on either side of the page. If you want to get all crazy with the layout and have the hands be the sides of the panel and have his speech bubble link to his face above and the caption come below, and in the middle, that could possibly look pretty cool.
Strange: Or die!
Caption: Months training, preparing, and I don’t even know if I’ll survive.

3. This panel is an insert panel within panel 4, it’s on the bottom left of it. Strange stands with his hands arcing back, fingers splayed, black magic summoned forth through his mystic ways. I would think, in a very David Aja way, the personification of the magic could be circled by another panel, and his speech bubble could be in yet another panel. Consider them panels 3.1 and 3.2 – the black magic could be rearing up like a vicious animal, or it could just be all spiky.
Strange: Be better than yourself! Become!

4. The bigger panel; Davos, the Steel Serpent is jumping through the air, wicked Iron Fist-style pose in action, and around him the purple chi of the Steel Serpent is spraying out like water. At the tip of each flick there is red energy, barbed, dangerous. Note – the reader has seen Strange training this man but does not know who he is.
Caption: Lithe Faerie Dagger of the Many Unseen
Caption: The mystical arts worked differently in this mystical city. Certain aspects modified, multiplied, amplified.

5. Strange holds his arms in front of his face, he’s blocking Davos’ manoeuvre which is whirling all around him.
Caption: We worked in secret, away from others in his hidden home. A perfect plan.

6. Strange stands opposite Davos, who now looks a foot taller than Strange, he stands proud.
Caption: A bastard student trained for a specific purpose.
Davos: Let the blood flow.

7. Davos walks away, toward us, and we mainly see the Steel Serpent tattoo on his chest. Reference. The tattoo can have a slight glow coming from it, maybe some Kirby dots around it.
Davos: You’ve charged the weapon. Now aim true.
Caption: Assassination, a coup, but Attilan would be mine.


  1. I like the idea of Strange training the Steel Serpent, but if I may be honest, I have absolutely no idea what the descriptions of Panels 2 and 3 are portraying. Being unable to envision a panel in my mind's eye, throws me out of the page, and that's what happened here.

  2. Hey Danial - I can understand it's a little hard to describe, and jotting it down would probably help. I haven't jotted it down, sorry, but I will say that panels 1 and 2 should probably be the same image, just cut in half to show flow of time a little more. Thus, the bottom half (panel 2) becomes a look at Strange from the chest down to his hands, which are raised.

    Panel 3 is contained within panel 4, though realistically panel 3 and 4 is probably just one big image, too. Those sub panels, 3.1 and 3.2 are just random panels formeda round action moments in the scene - maybe I should have linked to this for reference -

    Does that help clear it up?

  3. Ah, yeah, I've seen those type of sequences. I've often wondered how a writer would write them :)

  4. I love the way you've sneakily used this as an excuse to write an Iron Fist story, Ryan (even though Danny himself doesn't feature).

    Until you mentioned David Aja, for some reason I was visualising this page drawn by Marcos Martin - it seemed to employ the kind of crazy layouts he makes work so well. Plus he does a cool Dr. Strange.


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