Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Joker - I Couldn't Draw To Save My Life - Danial Carroll

[The astute of you may notice that this is eerily similar to an old play-at-home script I wrote back in July. It was mentioned at the time that the said piece would better suit The Joker, so I decided to do just that and resurrect it, giving it a little revamp at the same time. Laziness, or genius? You decide :P]

PAGE ONE (ten panels)

PANEL 1. A man is casually walking along a footpath, passing a dark alley.

PANEL 2. Close-up on the man’s shocked face. There is a white-gloved hand covering his mouth.

PANEL 3. The man is pulled quickly into the blackness of alley.

PANEL 4. From the man’s POV, kneeling on the ground, we see The Joker standing before him. He is pointing a miniature pistol at the man with one hand, and holding out a paper and pencil with the other.

Draw me a picture of Batman… watching over Gotham.

PANEL 5. We see the man, kneeling before The Joker. He’s taking the paper and pencil.

What? Why?

Just do it!

PANEL 6. The man is drawing on the paper.


PANEL 7. We see a close-up of a crudely-drawn sketch of Batman in his iconic perch atop a gargoyle.

MAN (O/P):

PANEL 8. The Joker has put a pair of spectacles up to his eyes in mocking art critic fashion.

No, no, no, this will never do.

There's no style, no substance. You've completely missed the essence of the subject.

PANEL 9. The Joker is pointing the pistol at the man.

So much potential, wasted.

Shame really.

What are you talking about? I'm not--

PANEL 10. The same shot as the last but with the pistol firing.


[P.S. Happy New Year everyone!! :)]


  1. Closer to genius. There's a wonderful anti-logic at work here and the title is perfect. This is one that will stay with me.

  2. I've never rehashed ideas here Danial....*cough*

    Works great, a fine example of Joker at his insane best.


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