Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lois Lane - Corporate Battlefield - Sime McDonald

Page 22
(or Page 20, since this is DC…)

Lois Lane is sprawled on top of Lex Luthor in his LexCorp office. It’s not what it looks like. Lois has just tackled Lex to the ground, a nanosecond before a projectile shattered the window. Shards of glass are splayed around them.

I’ve always dreamed of this.

Lois is standing, flashing Lex a look, still on the ground, looking up with a satisfied grin on his face.

Shut up, Lex.
We’ve got to get out of here.
You’re in danger.

Lex is still smiling as Lois heaves him to his feet, grabbing him by the collar of his jacket.

When am I not?

Lois still has a handful of Lex’s jacket; she’s pulling him towards the door, out of the office, out of the line of sight of their attacker.

This isn’t a hostile takeover like you’ve ever faced before, Lex.

Focus on the projectile that’s lodged itself in the wall opposite the window. It’s a Batarang.

This is Batman Inc.

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  1. As bad as Lex can be sometimes, I can't readily expect that Superman would just sit by and let Batman get away with a literally hostile takeover of Lexcorp like this. You know, assuming Lex isn't able to find a way to take care of himself.

    Can I presume that means this would result in some sort of Batman/Superman showdown? Or just a Batman/Luthor showdown?

  2. I really dig the simplicity of this page. It's striking, balanced, and I just want to believe Lois is yelling her last line like she's in 300, ha.

    Top work, Sime.

  3. @MK - The limitation we impose upon ourselves at Thoughtballoons – allowing only one page of script – means sometimes the context of the scene isn’t entirely clear. My fault, I perhaps should have included an explanatory paragraph ahead of the script.

    I’m thinking some crisis elsewhere would have captured Superman’s attention... or perhaps he’d be too busy on his walkabout? Also, the Batman attacking Lex is not Bruce Wayne, nor has his actions been sanctioned by Wayne. Now that Batman Inc has franchised the cape and cowl, there’s no telling who the attacker is (naturally I’d explicate later on in the story). I see this story being more Who infiltrated Batman Inc and is attacking LutherCorp for their own benefit than a generic Batman/Luthor or Batman / Superman showdown. Although I’d like to think there’d be room within the narrative for both...

  4. Batman Inc is certainly going to open the door for many interesting storylines, so I can't see why this couldn't slip in there somewhere. It's a nice little piece.

  5. Well, now that I know the fully story behind the situation, I have to say what you have is a lot more intriguing than what I first suspected. Well done.

  6. Though a wicked part of me wishes this had actually been EXACTLY what it looked like in the opening panel... I reckon it'd have taken far more than a page to explain that one away.

    I actually liked the story more BEFORE your explanation, Sime. The idea that Bruce would try to use Batman Inc. to take down Lexcorp really appeals to me. That said, just because it's a rogue Bat attacking Lex on this particular page, it doesn't mean Bruce wouldn't get involved in the next issue and try to use the situation to his advantage.

    Best of all, I loved the way you scripted both Lois and (especially) Lex here. In just a couple of lines you captured their voices perfectly.

  7. Great concept, Sime. That'll be hard to top.

  8. I agree, you have nailed the voices of LEx and Lois...I don;t even read Superman. However, this has garned my interest in those two characters. And those two characters alone. Superman can still eat it.


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