Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lois Lane - Pressure Creates Diamonds - Ryan K Lindsay

Set up - in this issue (of Lois' own book, hell it might even be the debut) Lois was in line at a Gotham City bank when robbers locked it down and busted a few heads. After Lois spends a fair amount of time just sitting against the wall and watching, she opens her mouth one too many times and gets dragged away from everyone else. This is where we find her.

1. Lois is tied up, hands behind her wrists, on the floor of a bank manager’s office. Her eyes look around her.

2. A man is dumped on the ground in the office, not next to her, a metre or two away. It is Bruce Wayne, he’s been roughed up some.

3. Bruce Wayne sits up.

Lois: What are the odds you would be here?
Bruce: I think pretty good if you really think about it?
4. Lois sits up.
Lois: You know who these guys are?
Bruce: I don’t know them personally but I know what they’re like, yeah.
Lois: Bad people?
Bruce: The worst. They’re not here for the money, they’re here for the violence. They want an excuse, then we’re all dead. They’ll escape, no money moved, fatalities total.
5. Lois is standing, shrugging off the ropes that bound her.
Bruce: …
Bruce: Didn’t you write a story about them in Metropolis?
6. Lois is looking through the blinds on the internal office window, she's casual.
Lois: Even gave them their name.
7. Lois is walking out the door.
Bruce: You know who they are and you knew they’d be here.
Lois: I had a hunch.
Lois: You just sit tight, Mr Wayne.
Lois: I’ve got a story to research.
From here, of course, we get to see Lois at her absolute best, with no hint of Superman, and Bruce Wayne stays in his playboy persona to hilarious, and sometimes helpful, effect. The title, of course, gives away what the robbers are really after.


  1. Is this the first time you've used a prologue and epilogue? I have no issue with it, I just can't remember seeing you do so before :)

    Anyway, if a solo Lois title was like this, with Superman nowhere to be seen, I would certainly give it a try. I really love that Bruce is there and just happy to sit back and watch Lois do her thing. That adds a lot more fun to the page in my opinion.

    P.S. I think you may have had a slight issue with the bold button ;)

  2. Nice, Ryan! Cool set up, I would love to see more of this. Always love scenes between Lois and Bruce / Batman. You nailed their voices. Lois is typically confident, maybe over confident, just the way I like her portrayed. Top stuff!

  3. I noticed a new format for this script (besides all the bold). Any reason for this?
    It doesn't flow as effortlessly as some of your other scripts. I'm curious as to if that was a conscious decision, in order to make the reader feel tense?

  4. It's a great intro for what would be an excellent way to tackle a contemporary Lois solo series. I like the idea of making Lois the hero and tying the hands of the real heroes - Clark's out of town, Bruce is unable to change without revealing his identity etc. Of course, even without his mask Batman would still be able to stop these guys, but he might let Lois take the credit to cover his ass.

    I was disappointed you didn't reveal the name Lois had given to the gang though.


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