Friday, January 7, 2011

Reed Richards - Answer Everything - Matt Duarte

Reed Richards in “Answer Everything” by Matt Duarte

This page is four panels, a two by two grid.

Panel 1

Description: Reed Richards has burst into the living room of the Fantastic Four running, carrying a small tablet computer. He looks beaming, with a huge smile on his face. Around him, the rest of the Fantastic Four are enjoying a day off. Ben is sitting in the couch, watching as Johnny and Val play video games, while Susan has Franklin in her arms as they read a book together.

REED RICHARDS: I did it! I finally did it! I solved it!

SUE RICHARDS: What did you solve, dear?

Panel 2

Description: Seen from above. Reed is now standing surrounded by Ben, Johnny and Val, who stopped paying attention to the video game. Meanwhile, Sue and Franklin are still sitting down away from the scene, though paying attention at what Reed is saying.

REED RICHARDS: Everything!

THE THING: Whadda you mean everything, stretcho? Didja stare at your notes for so long that you forgot to blink again?

REED RICHARDS: No, Ben, this is real. It’s the answer to everything. Even in this very room, the answer is already apparent. Furthermore, I also know the question.

Panel 3

Description: A close up as Reed has turned his tablet computer. In it, we can just see one single thing: the number 42.

REED RICHARDS: Think about it: 4 adults and 2 children. 4 men and 2 women. Even naturally, we stand in a group of 4 and in another of 2.

REED RICHARDS: This is it. The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. And the question is...

Panel 4

Description: A completely black panel.

The End.

(With apologies to Douglas Adams)


  1. Oh dear. :-P

    (And I mean that in a good way)

  2. If this was a Max script, the last panel would be a pic of Renee Montoya. :P

    Nice stuff, Matt.

  3. Matt - you've put a lot of thought into the staging and concept behind and in front of this page, and that must be applauded.

  4. I guessed the gag, but didn't expect the explanation - and it was perfect. Adams would be proud.

    When I read Ivan's comment in my inbox (before having read the script - that happens sometimes) I thought he meant a Marvel Max script as opposed to our Max. For some reason I pictured a naked Renee Montoya.

    I am a very bad man.

  5. Everyone else can stop playing this week... we have a winner.

  6. Thanks for the kind words, guys. I really stressed over this one, but I am happy with how it ended up coming out.


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