Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reed Richards – The Celestial Game – Ryan K Lindsay

1. Galactus is sitting on an intergalactic throne made up of swirling anti-matter and other space debris. It should look like the sort of thing Galactus would hold his meetings in.
Galactus: You finally got the bigger picture.

2. Reed is looking stern, strong, the leader he truly is. We only see his face.
Reed: Was this your way of testing me?
Galactus (op): Perhaps it was me preparing you…

3. Large panel, we see Reed Richards standing tall above Galactus within the infinite majesty of space. He has stretched himself to stand 5 times larger than Galactus and it’s an immense feat. He has on an FF jump suit but modified to exist within space, there is a very cool space helmet on, that sort of thing.
Galactus: Either way, it appears you now understand the gravity of your place within the celestial game.
Reed: I do.

NEXT! Reed Sits In Council With The Makers of Worlds, and who shall be his HERALD?


  1. How very enigmatic...

    Oh, and I think Johnny should be his Herald :)

  2. I like t think that when the time comes, Reed would be promoted to a higher level of existence, such as you have shown here. Good stuff Ryan (don't you get sick of hearing that :P ).

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the kind words.

    There's something about this script that's bothering me. I like that I've left it open, not weighed it down too much, given the artist room to breathe, but I wish I had put a bit more into Reed's mouth in the final panel. Hmmm...

  4. Ben Grimm for herald. The Thing in a diplomatic role would make me buy a book.

    Nice stuff, Ryan.

  5. Great idea, opening up lots of potential... but as with Ben's script I have a couple pickies...

    1) Galactus's dialogue sounds too human, not grand and distant enough.

    2) I'm not certain, but I think there are some limits to how far Reed can stretch / expand himself using his powers alone. That's not to say Reed couldn't use science to make him 5 times bigger than Galactus, but I don't think he could do it by stretching alone.

    That said, I think Reed's final line is perfect as it is. Despite his often longwinded explanations, I don't think there's anything else he needs say here. If Ben or Johnny turned up and asked him what was going on, that'd be the point when he'd wheel out the exposition. In a conversation like this with someone of Galactus's magnitude, he'd keep it brief.

  6. Yeah, I'm uncertain what Reed's stretching limits are, but I'm not sure why there would be any. If he is stretching on an atomic level, actually stretching the atoms, then there should be no limit at all. But I do admit I did not research on this one.

  7. Maybe not... but you sound scientifically way smarter than I am. ;-) I don't even understand comic book science.

    I have read comics where Reed has been stretched too far though... and I've never seen him bigger than Galactus.


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